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What is the difference between temperature and humidity sensor, built-in probe and external probe?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-05
What is the difference between temperature and humidity sensor, built-in probe and external probe?
With the continuous development of society, the application of temperature and humidity sensors is very common. People's lives are closely related to temperature and humidity, and various fields are inseparable from the requirements of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Our common temperature and humidity sensors have built-in and external probes. Is there any difference in their functions and applications?

Built-in probe

The built-in probe can not see the sensor from the outside, first of all, the appearance is naturally more generous and beautiful. The built-in probe has extremely low power consumption, and can also reduce the influence of external factors such as aging, vibration, and volatile chemical gases on the sensor to ensure its good stability. One-piece installation, suitable for measuring the entire ambient temperature. Such as data centers, smart buildings, warehouses, clean rooms, laboratories and other occasions.

External probe

The external probe refers to the temperature and humidity sensor outside the instrument body. The advantage of the external probe is that the measurement range will be wider than that of the built-in sensor, because the sensor is not together with the display and circuit parts. It is suitable for measuring relatively small spaces, such as drying ovens, constant temperature and humidity boxes, refrigerators, etc. The split type external probe can measure confined spaces and pipelines: such as inside the main control box, grain piles, etc. The probe can be inserted for monitoring, and the metal probe is also waterproof and anti-condensation.

External probes are also divided into hardcover probes, waterproof probes, metal waterproof probes, quarter-pipe threaded probes, high-temperature probes, and so on. The hardcover probe is suitable for most occasions, the probe is sensitive, waterproof and dustproof; the waterproof probe is suitable for high dust occasions, and the waterproof sensitivity of the probe is not as good as the hardcover probe; the metal waterproof probe is suitable for high dust and high sensitivity requirements; four Separate pipe threaded probe, suitable for measuring the temperature and humidity in a container with the same installation thread; high-temperature probe; suitable for measuring occasions where the temperature is higher than 80℃.

The temperature and humidity sensor is a composite technology of electronic technology and physical and chemical principles. The hardware factor accounts for only 50% of it. Another important factor is calibration. If the measured value is guaranteed to be accurate, it is necessary to ensure that the calibration value of each test is always within a fixed range, which is very difficult to achieve. High precision and stable performance have always been rigid indicators of temperature and humidity sensors.

Temperature and humidity sensors can also be divided into temperature sensors and humidity sensors. The temperature sensor can feel the temperature of the object or the environment, and can convert it into a sensor or transmitter that outputs a signal. The humidity sensor mainly measures the humidity of the environment and objects and uploads it to the host.

Advantages of temperature and humidity sensor

1. The temperature and humidity sensor first produced is small in size and exquisite and beautiful in appearance. In terms of function, it can not only measure and record temperature and humidity, but also can be used to decorate the room.

2. The performance of the temperature and humidity sensor is very reliable, and the measurement data is accurate and reliable. The temperature range it can measure is about -40℃~60℃, and its accuracy is within the range of ±0.5℃. The controllable range is between 0~100%RH, and the accuracy confirmation can reach ±3%RH.

3. The temperature and humidity sensor has supporting software functions, which can upload to the cloud platform. It has complete functions and is very convenient and convenient to view data. You can read the data on the temperature and humidity sensor anytime and anywhere, and can according to your own needs Store it in the computer as EXCEL, TXT files, so that the software can proceed with the next step.

Four, its high-definition LCD screen can facilitate customers to read data, and not only can display the current data in real time, but also can automatically carry an alarm function when the temperature or humidity is When the humidity exceeds the set temperature or humidity warning upper and lower limits, there will be an alarm buzzer sound and the background will send SMS, phone calls, and e-mail alarms. The customer can press the button to modify the temperature and humidity upper and lower limits, baud rate, and set address.

Fifth, the humanized design concept, the back design of the temperature and humidity sensor is very convenient and convenient to use, adding a countertop bracket and wall hanging hole, in order to facilitate the installation of the sensor, and also design a key switch for quick operation.

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