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What is the difference between temperature transmitter and thermal resistance?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-30
What is the difference between temperature transmitter and thermal resistance?
A temperature transmitter is a device that converts physical measurement signals or ordinary electrical signals into standard electrical signal output or can be output by means of communication protocols. It collects the temperature signal and converts it into a current signal or voltage signal that has a linear relationship with temperature and humidity after being processed by voltage stabilization filtering, arithmetic methods, non-linear correction, V/I conversion, constant current and reverse protection, etc. Output.

Many friends have questions, what is the difference between a temperature transmitter and a thermal resistance? In a narrow sense, the thermal resistance is something that measures temperature, and the temperature transmitter is something that transforms the thermal resistance signal for transmission.

Thermal resistance is a primary element of temperature. It is a kind of resistive electrical element whose resistance value changes with temperature when it is affected by heat. The measured temperature and its changes cannot be displayed or indicated when the electrical conversion equipment is matched. Thermal resistance is a kind of temperature detector commonly used in the medium and low temperature area. Generally, thermal resistance can be directly connected to dcs or other types of display instruments. When the distance is long or there are special needs, a temperature transmitter is required.

The temperature transmitter receives the primary element signal and transforms it into a remote voltage or current signal, and then transforms it into a standard industrial signal for output through a specific conversion method. The temperature transmitter can convert the resistance or thermoelectromotive force signal of the primary detection element into a 4-20mA current signal, 0-5V or 0-10V voltage signal, RS485 digital signal output in a linear relationship with the temperature.

Next, I will introduce the principle knowledge of temperature transmitter:

The temperature transmitter is mainly composed of temperature-sensitive sensor, measuring circuit, operational amplifier circuit, V/I conversion circuit, etc., temperature-sensitive sensor mainly Using platinum thermistor or semiconductor thermistor, the temperature sensor senses the change of the ambient temperature and outputs the corresponding electrical signal value. This electrical signal is input into the corresponding measuring circuit and converted into the corresponding voltage signal. After linear correction and amplification, it is input into V/ The I conversion circuit respectively converts into 4-20mA standard DC signal, and has a linear relationship with the measured temperature value.

Temperature-sensitive sensors generally have two installation methods: the sensor and other electronic components are distributed in the transmitter module circuit to achieve signal transmission. In addition to the function of measuring parameter signals, some transmitters also have the function of local display unit, which is mainly composed of A/D conversion circuit, display circuit and liquid crystal digital display.

In the temperature transmitter, the 485 king-shaped single temperature transmitter is a good product.

It uses high-precision imported sensors, high measurement accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, and has a high protection level of IP65. The equipment can also work normally and stably in harsh environments such as dust, rain, and snow. The transmitter adopts standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol, supports configuration network, three-dimensional force control, MCGS Kunlun configuration software, and can also carry out secondary development under the condition of providing routines.

The temperature transmitter has the functions of real-time data display, over-limit alarm, historical data query, data export, etc. The transmitter is connected to the environmental monitoring platform through the 485 bus, and then the environmental monitoring equipment can be connected by wire. Centralized monitoring. When the temperature exceeds the limit value, it will automatically alarm, so as to grasp the environmental changes in time to take measures.

You can choose a variety of probes: the round stainless steel probe is completely sealed and suitable for measuring the temperature of liquids; the magnetic probe is magnetic and suitable for measuring the temperature of magnetic materials; the flat probe has a large contact area and is suitable for measuring the surface of an object Temperature: The quarter-pipe thread probe has a standard quarter-pipe thread, which is suitable for measuring the internal temperature of the pipe.

The 485 king-shaped shell single temperature transmitter is suitable for communication rooms, warehouse buildings and automatic control and other occasions that require temperature monitoring, and the application scenarios are very wide.

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