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What is the difference between wind speed sensor and air volume sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-07
The difference between the wind speed sensor and the air volume sensor starts from the wind speed and wind direction.

Wind speed refers to the velocity of air relative to a fixed location on the earth. The common unit is m/s, 1m/s u003d 3.6 km/h. Wind speed has no grade, only wind has a grade, and wind speed is the basis for the division of wind grades. Generally speaking, the higher the wind speed, the higher the wind level, and the more destructive the wind is. Wind speed is one of the main parameters of climatological research, and the measurement of wind in the atmosphere plays an important role and significance for global climate change research, aerospace industry and other applications.

Air volume refers to the amount of air circulating in a unit of time. It is generally used to indicate the capacity of a blower or ventilation device. The unit of calculation is cubic meters per second. In the case of the same material of the heat sink, the air volume is an important indicator to measure the heat dissipation capacity of the air-cooled radiator. Obviously, the larger the air volume, the higher the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator. This is because the heat capacity of the air is constant, and the greater the air volume, that is, the more air per unit time can take away more heat. Of course, under the same air volume, the heat dissipation effect is related to the way the wind flows.

Wind speed and air volume are not the same, but there is a certain correlation between the two, the air volume is equal to the product of the wind speed and the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe orifice, so the data of the air volume sensor is mostly converted from the measurement data of the wind speed sensor.

Wind-cup wind speed sensor is a very common wind speed sensor, which was invented by Ruby Sun in England. The sensing part is composed of three or four cone-shaped or hemispherical empty cups. The hollow cup shell is fixed on a three-pronged star bracket that is 120° or a cross-shaped bracket that is 90°. The concave surfaces of the cup are arranged in one direction, and the entire cross arm frame is fixed on a vertical rotation axis.

When the wind blows from the left, the wind cup 1 is parallel to the wind direction, and the pressure component of the wind on the wind cup 1 in the direction straight to the axis of the wind cup is approximately zero. Wind cups 2 and 3 intersect with the wind direction at an angle of 60 degrees. For wind cup 2, its concave surface faces the wind and bears greater wind pressure; wind cup 3 has a convex surface facing the wind, and the wind's circumfluence makes it receive the wind. The pressure is lower than that of wind cup 2. Due to the pressure difference between wind cup 2 and wind cup 3 in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the wind cup, the wind cup begins to rotate clockwise. The greater the wind speed, the greater the initial pressure difference, resulting in The greater the acceleration, the faster the wind cup rotates.

After the wind cup starts to rotate, because the cup 2 rotates in the direction of the wind, the pressure of the wind is relatively reduced, while the cup 3 rotates at the same speed against the wind, the wind pressure is relatively increased, and the wind pressure difference After a period of time (when the wind speed is constant), when the partial pressure difference acting on the three wind cups is zero, the wind cups will rotate at a constant speed. In this way, the wind speed can be determined according to the speed of the wind cup (the number of turns per second).

When the wind cup rotates, it drives the coaxial multi-tooth cutting disc or magnetic rod to rotate, and the pulse signal proportional to the speed of the wind cup is obtained through the circuit. The pulse signal is counted by the counter, and the actual value can be obtained after conversion. Wind speed value. At present, the new rotor anemometer adopts three cups, and the performance of the cone cup is better than that of the hemispherical cup. When the wind speed increases, the rotor cup can quickly increase the speed to adapt to the airflow speed. When the wind speed decreases, due to the influence of inertia, the speed However, it cannot drop immediately. The wind speed indicated by the rotary anemometer in gusty wind is generally too high, which becomes an excessive effect (the average error produced is about 10%).

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