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What is the engine room power environment monitoring system?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-18
What is the engine room power environment monitoring system?
The computer room environment monitoring system is a computer network composed of computer network technology, database technology, communication technology, automatic control technology and sensor technology. Its monitoring objects include computer room power and environmental equipment, such as power distribution, UPS, and air conditioning. , Temperature and humidity, water leakage, smoke, access control, etc., through computer technology to achieve automation, intelligence, and centralized management and monitoring of the computer room environment.

(1) Data collection and environmental monitoring

Compared with traditional fixed-point inspection management, the intelligent computer room environmental monitoring system uses new sensor technology to collect computer room environmental data online 24 hours a day without Personnel are on duty, such as a temperature and humidity transmitter that can monitor the changes in air temperature and humidity in the computer room in real time, a water immersion transmitter can accurately know the location of water leakage, and a power failure alarm can be informed in time when the mains power is off. The alarm monitors the occurrence of a fire in 360°, and the infrared detector and the access control system composed of a controller, an inductive card reader, an electric lock and a door opening button, etc., prevent outsiders from entering by mistake.

(2) Data statistics (data display, data storage)

The environmental monitoring host sends the data monitored by all sensor devices to the remote monitoring platform, and the platform uses computer and database technology to send the monitoring data to various terminals on the platform Real-time display and automatic storage of historical data. Computer room management needs to be able to have historical data on the operation of the equipment in the computer room. Through viewing, downloading, and printing historical records for a period of time, through data analysis, potential failures can be found and development trends can be found, thereby greatly improving the management level of the computer room.

(3) Abnormal alarm and intelligent linkage

If there are abnormal situations such as mains power failure, water leakage in the room, fire, temperature and humidity exceeding the limit, the system will first At a time, the administrator will send data over-limit content through dial-up calls, text messages, emails, etc., and the platform interface will also notify the environment over-limit through the display font turning red and issuing alarm information; at the same time, the logically associated devices or subsystems Realize fully automated intelligent linkage control. If the temperature and humidity exceed the limit, the air conditioner will be automatically turned on. When the temperature returns to the normal range, the air conditioner will be turned off. If the mains power failure occurs, the standby power supply equipment will be automatically activated to ensure the continuity of the computer room operation.

(4) Integrated remote management

The remote monitoring platform is developed based on the B/S architecture and is deployed on the cloud public network server. It supports multi-terminal management such as web and mobile apps. The page menu provides system management. Settings for adding equipment and modifying parameters. In order to prevent unauthorised personnel from modifying parameters at will, the administrator can authorize hierarchical control as needed, and administrators of different levels can only perform operations permitted within their respective levels.

(5)Video surveillance

The use of network video character overlay can integrate video surveillance, which integrates character overlay, screen inspection, video playback, and equipment linkage. It can also be linked with other equipment such as double authentication. Recording with probe and door sensor.

With the continuous development of information network technology, the operation of computer rooms is at the core of information exchange management. Network equipment rooms of various scales and sizes, equipment types and numbers are widely distributed in various branches of users. Local area, so a complete computer room environment monitoring system is very important for computer room management. It can solve many environmental protection problems in the computer room and ensure that all equipment in the computer room is running normally at all times. The system is mature and stable, compatible with strong expandability, and functions. With high integration and convenient operation, it is suitable for the construction and management of network computer rooms such as banks, governments, radio and television, communications, and electric power.

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