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What is the monitoring system of the four conditions of agriculture?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-12
What is the monitoring system of the four conditions of agriculture?
The future of agriculture lies in the continuous advancement of agricultural technology. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the contribution rate of agricultural scientific and technological progress has been increasing year by year. The development of agriculture through science and technology has injected strong momentum into the advancement of agricultural supply-side structural reform, and has become an important starting point for promoting high-quality agricultural development and creating a new situation in agricultural modernization. Agricultural production has become more and more 'technological

'Internet + Agriculture' is a smart agriculture integrating digital perception, smart decision-making, and smart management. Compared with the serious waste of resources in agricultural production in the past, smart agriculture has changed the past single operation mode and customized operations for different environments, thereby reducing resource waste and improving production efficiency.

With the help of the Internet and Internet of Things technology, Smart Agriculture has built an agricultural four-emotion monitoring system that integrates environmental monitoring and regulation, which can monitor and supervise different agricultural production environments and objects, and monitor physical parameters of the environment through sensors. Real-time dynamic monitoring of production environment conditions such as soil, insect conditions, and weather. The application of these new technologies has greatly improved the quality of agricultural products to meet market demand, can realize the effective docking of supply and demand, and promote the development of refined, efficient and modern agricultural production.

The monitoring system for the four conditions of agriculture (moisture, insect conditions, climate, and seedling conditions) is composed of terminal equipment (pipe-type soil moisture monitoring instrument, insect condition measuring and reporting instrument, weather station, video surveillance), and a four-conditioning agricultural forecasting platform. The system can monitor the soil moisture status (soil temperature, soil moisture, soil pH value, etc.), disease and insect status (types of disease and insect pests, number of disease and insect pests, etc.), climatic conditions (air temperature, humidity, rainfall, light intensity, carbon dioxide, etc.) in agricultural fields. , Wind speed, wind direction and other environmental parameters) for system monitoring and management, and upload the data to the measurement and reporting platform through GPRS/4G or network port. Managers can remotely view the data and trends of various environmental parameters in real time, saving manpower, and making corresponding adjustments based on data feedback , In order to ensure the good growth of crops and help agricultural production.

Soil moisture monitoring:

Soil moisture monitoring is the most important basic work for rational use of water resources, scientific management of water resources, and decision-making for drought relief. The real-time soil moisture monitoring system collects moisture information in dry farming and animal husbandry, collects information on agriculture and environmental drought, provides farmers with guidance on irrigation of agriculture and animal husbandry, analyzes the formation and distribution of drought, and provides accurate information for drought relief and disaster relief decision-making. It makes scientific decisions in order to timely waterproof and irrigate the irrigation areas with conditions to increase crop yields and increase farmers’ incomes.

Intelligent pest situation monitoring:

Remote control of field pest situation, pollution-free trapping and killing of insects; intelligent pest situation monitoring system mainly uses modern light, electricity, numerical control technology, wireless transmission technology, etc. to construct a set of pest ecology Monitoring and early warning system. The system integrates pest trapping and shooting, environmental information collection, data transmission, and data analysis, and automatically completes system operations such as trapping, killing insects, dispersing insects, photographing, transporting, collecting, and draining.

Meteorological environment monitoring:

Through on-site climate equipment, real-time monitoring of agricultural scenes can be carried out. The ability of agricultural production to respond to natural environmental hazards has been improved, and the disadvantaged traditional agriculture has become a modern industry with high power.

Disaster situation and seedling situation monitoring:

Through the deployment of agricultural IoT sensors on the farmland, the entire farming process is video-monitored for various links such as cultivation, fertilization, picking, and packaging, so as to establish standardized operations.

With the increasing applications of artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things in the agricultural field, the advancement of science and technology has pushed the 'fast forward button' for agricultural development. The agricultural four conditions monitoring system can help farmers effectively improve the agricultural ecological environment and raise the level of agricultural production. And on the premise of ensuring that the agricultural ecological environment is friendly, we will strive to improve the economic and social benefits of agriculture.

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