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What is the pressure wind speed sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-26
Wind speed sensor is a lot of applications in our daily life, but many people have not found it. According to different application environments, there are many types of wind speed sensors. The wind speed sensors that need to be used in different environments are different, so you must choose the appropriate sensor. Only the right sensor can measure the desired result.

The wind speed sensor can continuously monitor the wind speed and air volume (air volume u003d wind speed x cross-sectional area) of the above-mentioned locations, and can display the wind speed and air volume of the tunnel in real time. It is an important instrument for measuring the safety parameters of mine ventilation. The sensor component is composed of a wind speed sensor, a wind direction sensor, and a sensor bracket. It is mainly suitable for mine ventilation main return air tunnels, air outlets, main underground wind measurement stations, fan wellheads, tunneling working faces, coal mining working faces, etc., and corresponding mining enterprises, where there is a danger of gas explosion in coal mines.

Ruiyi Card is committed to developing and providing cost-effective intelligent IoT environmental monitoring products and services, and providing users with accurate, high-quality, and intelligent measuring instruments and solutions. Including: wind energy measurement, solar radiation measurement, air quality monitoring, hydrometeorological monitoring, soil wall condition measurement, water quality monitoring, data acquisition recorders and various weather stations and monitoring sites. Products are widely used in meteorological and environmental monitoring fields such as photovoltaic power generation, smart agriculture, aquaculture, sewage treatment, air quality, wind power generation, and traffic monitoring. 

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