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What is the principle of negative oxygen ion sensor?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-12
What is the principle of negative oxygen ion sensor?
Negative oxygen ions in the air are formed by the combination of oxygen molecules in the air and free electrons. They are negatively charged and have excess electrons. They are known as 'air vitamins' and 'air vitamins'. Air negative oxygen ions have the characteristics of long migration and high activity. Medical research shows that negative air oxygen ions have a medical and health care effect on the human body. Negative oxygen ions can penetrate the blood-brain barrier of the human body and exert its biological effects. The World Health Organization has also made relevant regulations on the standard concentration of negative oxygen ions for clean air.

The negative oxygen ion sensor RS-NEGO-NO1-1 can monitor air negative oxygen ions for forestry, environmental protection, meteorology, tourism, etc., and provide reliable data for improving the air in rural and urban areas. Human society is of great significance.

Negative oxygen ion sensor monitoring principle:

According to the different structure of the collector, mainstream negative oxygen ion sensors can be divided into two types: parallel electric plate type and double cylindrical axis type.

1. Parallel plate type negative oxygen ion sensor

Parallel plate type negative oxygen ion sensor is a commonly used method for low-end air ion detectors. There are a set of parallel and insulated electrodes A and B. There is a ring-shaped bipolar electrode at the top of the B pole. Air is sucked in by the fan in the lower right corner. The negative ions in the air strike the A/B electrode and discharge, and the charge is conducted to the E ring electrode. Self-discharge is formed, and the discharge signal is recorded, so that the number and size of positive and negative ions in the air can be measured.

This kind of detector is relatively mature in technology and relatively low in cost, but it is easily affected by the external environment. In addition, the weakness of this structure can easily lead to electrolysis edge effect, which can easily cause airflow turbulence and cause the detection result to shift. Big.

2. Double cylindrical shaft type negative oxygen ion sensor

Double cylindrical shaft type negative oxygen ion sensor is a mature method for mid-to-high end air ion detectors. The overall structure is composed of 3 concentric cylinders. The outer cylinder and the inner shaft are electrodes. When the air passes through the cylinder, the ions hit the cylinder and the shaft to generate discharge, and the discharge signal is recorded, so that the number and size of positive and negative ions in the air can be measured. Measurement.

This kind of detector is technically very mature, but due to the internal complex structure and control, the cost is relatively high. This structure can effectively solve the electrolysis edge effect inherent in the parallel electric plate structure. At the same time, the structure of the cylinder itself and the special air intake method can maintain the smoothness of the air flow, and the detection accuracy of the number and size of ions is greatly improved.

The negative oxygen ion sensor adopts a principle that is relatively mature and complex in the current mid-to-high-end air ion sensor-the principle of double cylindrical shaft. In order to make the measurement results more accurate, after screening more than a dozen materials, the Ru0026D team chose a highly conductive alloy material as the middle electrode of the negative oxygen ion sensor. This material is affected by temperature and has low resistivity. , And adopts full-scale temperature compensation technology to ensure that the data monitored by the sensor is more accurate.

Features of negative oxygen ion sensor:

1. Applicable to industrial occasions

Currently, most of the products on the market are handheld household products, and their appearance and performance are not suitable for industrial occasions. . Low-temperature drift electronic components and high-quality high-temperature-resistant capacitors are used internally, which have good high-temperature resistance and low-temperature resistance, and are more suitable for industrial occasions. In order to meet industrial needs, the negative oxygen ion sensor adopts a black and white LCD screen design, which can display normally in an environment with a minimum of -20°C and a maximum of 60°C. The screen will not be damaged in an environment of -40°C, and it can still be normal when the temperature rises to -20°C. use.

2. Adaptive range switching function

The negative oxygen ion sensor has an internal adaptive range switching function, the range is: 0~5 million/cm3, the product is more focused on the low range Stability, the device has better stability and higher accuracy under low range.

3. The 485 communication interface adopts 2000V isolation and lightning protection design.

Address and baud rate can be set. Industrial products are mostly used outdoors. In order to cope with bad weather, the negative oxygen ion sensor is specially designed with a surge protection circuit to prevent strong lightning strikes during outdoor bad weather.

4. Multiple circuit protection

Considering the uneven level of construction workers on site, they may be unfamiliar with the 485 wiring method. The negative oxygen ion sensor is designed with unique circuit protection, even for a long time. The wrong wiring will not damage the equipment, no need to return to the factory for repair, and it can be used normally after reconnecting the wiring.

5.485 communication circuit is completely isolated from the power supply

485 communication circuit adopts 2000V high voltage isolation design, any interference on the communication line will not affect the signal measurement, the measurement data error is small, and the accuracy is high.

As the pace of modernization in various countries in the world accelerates, the requirements for detection technology are getting higher and higher. When you buy a negative oxygen ion sensor, you must consider the environment, demand and other factors, but it is best to choose a double cylindrical axis negative oxygen ion sensor.

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