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What is the soil moisture monitoring system?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-26
What is the soil moisture monitoring system?
On December 10, the Bureau of Statistics released the national grain production data, and there was another bumper harvest in grain production, and the output remained above 1.3 trillion catties for six consecutive years. Specific data show that the total national grain output in 2020 will be 1,339 billion jin, an increase of 11.3 billion jin over the previous year, an increase of 0.9%; the sown area of u200bu200bgrain will increase by 10.56 million mu, an increase of 0.6%; the grain yield will increase by 0.9 kg, an increase of 0.2%.

The increase in grain sown area stems from the increase in support for grain production across the country. In 2020, the country will consolidate grain production responsibilities, actively implement various subsidy policies, and increase farmers’ enthusiasm for growing grain. The area stopped falling and rebounded. At the same time, the modernization process is accelerating, and the popularity of smart agriculture is becoming wider and wider: smart greenhouses that can control tomato pests by mobile phones, drones and satellites realize tracking and perception of the five major agricultural resources, and remotely operate farmland Fertilization and irrigation...The potential of agricultural informatization to increase production and improve quality is constantly being stimulated.

Agricultural informatization covers multiple sectors, from seed selection, seedling raising, sowing to maturation and micro-processing to the hands of people, each part can realize informatization management. Among them, the informatization of soil moisture is the key to the growth of crops, and it is also the basic work of basic information collection for agricultural irrigation, rational use of water resources, and drought relief.

Soil moisture monitoring is the real-time monitoring of soil temperature, moisture, conductivity, PH and other parameters through soil temperature and moisture sensors, soil pH sensors and other equipment, and upload the monitored data to the smart farmland monitoring platform in real time for irrigation /The information system of the fertilization area provides a basis for decision-making.

In order to facilitate the measurement, a portable soil moisture monitoring system was launched. The portable soil moisture monitoring system consists of Dr. Yang multi-parameter recorder, soil temperature and water conductivity sensor, soil pH sensor, and software platform, which can collect soil Moisture collection, display, and storage are integrated, which can be carried with you for easy measurement.

Introduction to system equipment

1. Three-in-one soil temperature and water conductivity sensor (RS-ECTH-*-TR-1)

Shell use of soil temperature and water conductivity three-in-one sensor The black flame-retardant epoxy resin is completely sealed, and the three-head probe design is adopted. The probe is an electrode made of specially processed alloy material, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and can collect three parameters of soil moisture content, electrical conductivity and temperature. , Fast response, high precision, good interchangeability, built-in temperature compensation sensor, compensation range 0-50℃.

2. Soil pH sensor (RS-PH-*-TR-1)

The soil pH sensor is a variable range of 3~9PH developed and produced by our company for measuring soil pH. This is because many plants are difficult to grow in an environment with a soil pH value of>9.0 or <2.5. The device uses two-end electrodes made of specially treated alloy materials, which can withstand strong external force impacts, support multi-point rapid measurement or long-term buried measurement, rapid measurement, no reagents, and unlimited detection times.

3. Dr. Yang multi-parameter recorder (RS-TRREC-N01-1)

Dr. Yang multi-parameter recorder is a new digital integrated circuit technology and international detection technology A new intelligent handheld detector designed. The recorder is charged by a built-in 5000mAh lithium battery (one charge ≤8h, continuous power supply>8h) or USB charging cable; it is small in appearance and light in weight, and it is connected to the PeopleSoft soil pH transmitter, soil temperature and moisture conductivity through the DB9 interface Up to 4 monitoring devices such as three-in-one transmitters and other soil parameter monitoring devices. It is a multi-channel soil parameter collector integrating alarm, storage, recording, analysis and integration.

System function

1. Dr. Yang recorder actively collects the data collected by soil temperature, water conductivity three-in-one transmitter, soil PH transmitter and other equipment, and passes it through the automatic With a 2.8-inch LCD screen, real-time display of the current soil temperature and humidity, electrical conductivity, PH value and other parameters.

2. The collector has a built-in storage module that can store 100W pieces of data.

3. The built-in buzzer of the collector device has an alarm function.

4. Use the USB data cable to connect the recorder to the computer, and the configuration software can read and store the number of records currently stored by Dr. Yang's multi-parameter recorder (the total number of records for all sensors). At the same time, Support users to export historical data in TXT, XLS, PDF and other formats.

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