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What is the susceptibility to the communication distance of the radio temperature and humidity sensor?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-06
What is the susceptibility to the communication distance of the radio temperature and humidity sensor?
The communication method that uses 'electricity' to transmit messages is called telecommunication. Telecommunication can generally be divided into two categories: one is called wired telecommunication, and the other is called radio communication. Radio communication is a communication method that modulates electrical signals such as sound, text, data, and images that need to be transmitted on radio waves and transmits them to each other through space and ground. It uses wireless electromagnetic waves to transmit information in space.

Since the radio temperature and humidity sensor uses wireless electromagnetic waves to transmit information, it will inevitably be hindered by various uncertain environmental factors during the propagation process. There are two main factors that affect the distance of radio communication. One is the internal factors of the equipment; the other is the environmental factor that affects the distance of radio communication.

Before proceeding in detail, let's first talk about what radio is: radio refers to electromagnetic waves that propagate in free space (including air and vacuum), and radio technology is a technology that transmits signals through radio waves. The principle of radio technology is based on the theory of electromagnetic waves, that is, changes in the strength of the current in the conductor will produce radio waves. Using this phenomenon, information can be loaded on radio waves through modulation. When the electric wave propagates through space and reaches the receiving end, the electromagnetic field changes caused by the electric wave will generate electric current in the conductor. By extracting information from current changes through demodulation, the purpose of information transmission is achieved.

1. The influence of the radio equipment itself on the wireless communication distance

There are four main performance indicators of the equipment itself affecting the radio communication distance:

1. The radio frequency output power of the signal transmitting equipment

The greater the transmitting power of the transmitting device, the greater the communication distance; theoretically speaking, the transmitting power can be increased without limit, but in fact, due to the influence of cost or technology, the output power of the transmitter is limited.

2. The receiving sensitivity of the signal receiving device

The sensitivity of the receiving device reflects the function of the weak signal captured by the receiver. The higher the sensitivity of the receiving device, the longer the communication distance. However, due to natural electromagnetic noise, industrial pollution, and the inherent noise effects of electronic components, the sensitivity limit is difficult to break.

3. The ability of the system to resist interference

There are always various interference sources in the actual communication environment. Under the premise of the same transmission power and the same sensitivity of reception, the stronger the system’s anti-interference ability, the actual The communication distance is also farther.

4. The type and gain of factors such as transmitting and receiving antennas

The quality and receiving efficiency of the antenna itself have a serious impact on the communication distance. When a high-gain directional antenna is used, it can significantly increase the power density (field strength) in the communication direction; but it should be noted that the size of the antenna determines the size of the gain, and the stronger the gain, the larger the antenna. So when we choose a high-gain antenna, we must first look at the size of our equipment.

2. Environmental factors affecting wireless communication distance

1. Geographical environment

First of all, the farthest communication distance is sea level and unobstructed flat open land, which is also commonly used for evaluation. The geographical conditions used when the wireless device communicates with the distance. Secondly, because radio environmental monitoring equipment also needs to be widely used in suburban countryside, hills, and mountains, in short, it is a place with dense obstacles. The denser the obstacles, the greater the impact on the wireless communication distance.

2. Electromagnetic environment

DC motors, high-voltage power grids, switching power supplies, electric welding machines, high-frequency electronic equipment, computers, single-chip microcomputers and other equipment have a great influence on the signals of wireless communication equipment. When passing through these areas, the quality of the signal will be particularly affected.

3. Climatic conditions

Electromagnetic waves are of quality after they move, so the climatic environment will also have an impact on signal transmission. When the air is dry, the communication distance is far, and the air is humid (especially in rain and snow). The communication distance and quality will be greatly reduced.

Secondly, temperature will also have a significant impact on signal transmission. When the temperature is higher, the transmission power is lower, and the receiving sensitivity will be reduced, thereby reducing the communication distance; on the contrary, the lower the temperature, the longer the communication distance.

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