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What kind of temperature and humidity recorder should I choose in the cold chain transportation of fresh food?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-04
What kind of temperature and humidity recorder should I choose in the cold chain transportation of fresh food?
With the significant improvement of people's living standards, fruits and vegetables are gradually becoming necessities of people's lives. As we all know, fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious when they are ripe, and they are the most nutritious. This is the so-called branch ripeness. However, modern society is not a self-sufficient small-scale peasant economy. Fresh food needs to go through a long cold chain process from picking to the table. Generally, fruits and vegetables are harvested when they are mature. When they are transported due to preservation, storage and transportation methods Improper, resulting in greater loss of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is understood that about half of the fresh products that are transported through the cold chain are about half of the total, but only 10% of the original cold chain transport is intact. This loss of proportion has to be regrettable.

The key to cold chain transportation of fresh food is to control the breathing of fresh food. Temperature has the most significant effect on the respiration of fruits and vegetables. The higher the temperature, the more vigorous the respiration. If the temperature is lowered, the respiration will be greatly weakened, and the consumption of fruits and vegetables will be less, and the life span will be prolonged. Therefore, in the cold chain logistics process of fresh food, the temperature should be kept as low and stable as possible to reduce the respiration to a low limit. But it is not that the lower the temperature, the better. Different varieties have different adaptability to temperature. Even the same variety will show different adaptability to temperature due to the influence of maturity and production area.

In addition to temperature, humidity is also very important for the respiration of fresh foods. Products that are slightly dry and moist are easy to store. For vegetables, there is too much water loss in the logistics process, the enzyme activity in the vegetables is enhanced, the hydrolysis is accelerated, and the breathing consumes more substances. However, excessive air humidity often causes diseases, so the relative humidity of the environment should be controlled during storage to inhibit breathing.

In order to reduce the loss of fresh fruits and vegetables in cold chain transportation and ensure the freshness and quality of fresh fruits and vegetables, we need to adopt a temperature and humidity monitoring system to monitor or monitor the temperature and humidity in the cargo compartment. So what kind of temperature and humidity recorder should be used in the temperature and humidity monitoring system of cold chain logistics and transportation?

GPRS type cold chain vehicle temperature and humidity transmission recorder (model: RS-YS-GPRS-Y) is a temperature and humidity transmission recorder based on GPRS transmission. The recorder adopts Chinese LCD display with temperature and humidity Lower limit alarm, free setting of limit value, password calibration for temperature and humidity, GPRS data transmission and other functions, internal integrated alarm function module (buzzer), can realize ultra-high, low temperature, high and low humidity alarms. It is often used in pharmaceutical transportation vehicles, industrial control, building control, electricity, measurement and testing, warehouses, cold storage and other industries.

What are the advantages of the GPRS cold chain vehicle temperature and humidity transmission recorder?

1. High-precision sensor

The sensor is imported from Switzerland, and the measurement is stable. The temperature and humidity measurement accuracy is ±0.5℃ and ±3%RH, respectively, and it is calibrated by provincial institutions. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability to ensure the excellent measurement performance of the product.

2, GPRS transmission method

GRPS transmission method, no field wiring is required, and no distance limitation. Only a mobile or Unicom SIM card can upload up to 4 channels of temperature and humidity data and 1 switch input signal to the server through the network base station. The monthly flow of GPRS communication is less than 30M.

3. Multi-probe monitoring

The equipment can be equipped with four probes, and the probe line can be up to 30 meters long, which is convenient for multi-directional monitoring of temperature and humidity changes.

4. Button design

The device adopts a button design. The temperature and humidity limits, data update time, data normal recording interval, alarm recording interval, and recording time interval can be set through the buttons. The recording interval is 5S. Can be set between -10000S hours.

5. Built-in storage

The recorder has a built-in storage module with 65,000 data storage. When there is no signal, the data is automatically stored. After the data is restored, the saved data is automatically resumed.

6. Multiple alarm methods

When the device is powered off and the temperature and humidity monitoring value exceeds the limit, the device will promptly send an alarm to the management personnel through local sound and light, text messages, phone calls, and mailboxes.

7. Two power supply methods

The device adapts to DC10~30V wide voltage power supply or built-in backup battery power supply

8. Free cloud platform

The device can upload data to Our free cloud platform, through the mobile phone or PC to access the cloud platform to view the monitoring data in real time, quickly understand the current operating status of the equipment. The cloud platform supports real-time data monitoring, historical data query, remote alarm, data export, account hierarchical management and other functions.

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