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What new power will smart agriculture bring to agriculture?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-15
What new power will smart agriculture bring to agriculture?
The concept of smart agriculture was born in 1999, popularized domestically in 2005, and was officially listed as one of the country’s five emerging strategic industries in 2009. It was included in the “Government Work Report”, the No. 1 Central Document from 2012 to 2019 All of them mentioned content related to smart agriculture. On February 19, 2019, the Central Government’s No. 1 document 'Several Opinions on Prioritizing the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas and Doing a Good Job in 'Agriculture, Rural Areas and Agriculture'' was officially released, clearly stating that we must win the fight against poverty. In tackling tough battles, we must earnestly grasp food production, ensure national food security and the effective supply of important agricultural products, accelerate breakthroughs in key agricultural technologies, cultivate a group of agricultural strategic scientific and technological innovation forces, and promote biological seed industry, heavy agricultural machinery, smart agriculture, and green input products. Independent innovation in other fields.

Under the background of policy blessing, China's smart agriculture is gradually entering the initial stage of maturity, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence and big data production models are undoubtedly worthy of recognition.

According to international research forecasts, the global smart agriculture market will grow from 9.02 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to nearly 70 billion U.S. dollars in 2025. The huge market space attracts many Internet companies to the countryside.

(1) Alibaba Cloud ET Agricultural Brain has been used in pig breeding, apple and melon cultivation, and has full life cycle management, intelligent agricultural analysis, and full traceability.

(2) JD.com will rely on the group's logistics, finance, and big data, using drone agriculture, forestry and plant protection services as the starting point, and work with government departments and agricultural experts to create a smart agricultural community.

(3) Meituan tries to apply AI technology to fruits, vegetables, and meat, so that people can enjoy the taste of food in advance.

(4) Pinduoduo combines AI technology with e-commerce to create a 'agricultural land cloud spelling' system, and digitally empowers the entire agricultural industry chain from production to consumption.

Academician Zhao Chunjiang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering once said: Smart agriculture is a combination of information science and agriculture, using big data and Internet technology to improve the efficiency of agricultural production. At the same time, smart agriculture represents the arrival of the agricultural 4.0 era and is the future of the world. The inevitable trend of agricultural development.

What are the functions of the current smart agriculture system?

(1) Smart agriculture: use the data obtained from images and sensors to track crop, soil and air conditions in real time, helping farmers observe and respond to specific locations in real time The change.

(2) Smart greenhouse: It can manage the growth environment of crops, automatically adjust the climate conditions and irrigation system, so that the climate conditions are maintained at the most suitable level for crop growth, and the manual intervention in the process of crop planting is minimized.

(3) Intelligent irrigation: It can reduce water waste and ensure that the right farmland is irrigated at the right time.

(4) Soil monitoring system: It can track and improve the overall quality and chemical composition of farmland soil. Farmers can use this to fertilize specific crops and solve the problems of toxic substance pollution, soil salinization and acidification.

(5) Harvest monitoring: It can monitor various factors affecting agricultural harvests, including the total harvest, quality and water volume of cereals.

(6) Variable rate technology: It can improve the accuracy of sowing and the dosage of fertilizers and pesticides, and adjust measures to local conditions to ensure that each piece of farmland gets the most suitable amount, thereby saving the cost of chemical products and labor.

(7) Livestock raising: It can manage and improve the health of livestock.

(8) Agricultural management system: It can combine farm data with a wider range of information such as agricultural machinery remote information systems, weather forecasts, international trade markets, etc., through end-to-end services such as data analysis, risk assessment and financial analysis , To help farmers reduce waste and realize production.

Future development trend of smart agriculture

(1) The collaboration of farmers, technicians and experts will be strengthened. Farmers can feed back the problems encountered in the process of planting and breeding to experts at any time, listen to expert opinions, and discuss all technical problems encountered in the process with technicians in a timely manner, and strengthen cooperation.

(2) Agriculture is moving from artificial to intelligent. In the planting and breeding production links, it is free from human dependence, an automated system integrating intelligent monitoring, analysis and management is built, and a food safety traceability system is built in terms of food safety. People can query the authenticity of agricultural products, quality and safety and other issues on the Internet.

(3) Create smart marketing methods. The application of the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data will completely solve the time and space constraints in the sales process of agricultural products. People can check the sales, quality and safety of agricultural products and the welcome of the audience at any time, break the shortcomings of information asymmetry, and promote the intelligent marketing of agricultural products. .

Operate the mouse or mobile phone APP at home to complete the watering and fertilization of the orchard; the orchard detection system can analyze the soil data in real time and warn the orchard diseases and insect pests... Science and technology is changing the face of agriculture.

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