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What sensors are there in smart agricultural greenhouses?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-20
What sensors are there in smart agricultural greenhouses?
Smart agriculture is the application of Internet of Things technology to traditional agriculture, using sensors and software to control agricultural production through mobile or computer platforms, making traditional agriculture more 'smart'.

Smart agriculture is an advanced stage of agricultural production. It integrates emerging Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies. It relies on various sensor nodes (environmental temperature and humidity, soil moisture) deployed in agricultural production sites. , Carbon dioxide, images, etc.) and wireless communication networks to achieve intelligent perception, intelligent early warning, intelligent decision-making, intelligent analysis, and expert online guidance of the agricultural production environment, providing planting, visual management, and intelligent decision-making for agricultural production.

So, do you know what sensors are in a greenhouse in smart agriculture?

1. Temperature and humidity sensor

Changes in temperature and humidity in the greenhouse will directly affect the physiological effects of photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration of plants. Different plants and different growth stages of the same plant affect the greenhouse The requirements for temperature and humidity are quite different. Therefore, in the greenhouse environment monitoring system, the temperature and humidity sensor is an indispensable item.

Temperature and humidity sensors in greenhouses are generally divided into two types: air temperature and humidity sensors and soil temperature and humidity sensors to more comprehensively monitor changes in temperature and humidity in the crop growth environment.

2. Light intensity sensor

The intensity of light will affect the photosynthesis rate of crops, and then affect the yield of crops. In the smart greenhouse planting, the illuminance sensor monitors and records the light intensity information during the growth of the crops in the greenhouse through the light sensor and the photosensitive sensor. It can also be directly connected to the relevant light supplement system, shading system and other equipment, and automatically turn on when necessary. equipment. Provide suitable light conditions for the growth of crops, increase the rate of photosynthesis of crops, and increase yield.

3. Carbon dioxide transmitter

The purpose of monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide gas in the shed is the same as monitoring the intensity of light, which is to promote photosynthesis of crops and increase yield. As a raw material for photosynthesis, carbon dioxide can promote the photosynthesis of plants and improve the efficiency of photosynthesis. But when the carbon dioxide concentration reaches a certain value, the photosynthesis efficiency of the plant reaches saturation, and no longer increases with the increase of the carbon dioxide concentration; if the carbon dioxide concentration continues to increase, and reaches a certain level, it will even inhibit the respiration of the plant, causing the plant to 'suffocate' 'And photosynthesis stopped.

As a confined space, the greenhouse has poor air mobility. The gas concentration in the shed is monitored by a carbon dioxide transmitter, and the ventilation time is adjusted according to the monitoring data in time to improve the carbon dioxide concentration in the shed, which can provide suitable crops for crops. Growth environment.

Four. Soil pH sensor

The effect of soil pH on crop growth is mainly manifested in the aspects of plant appearance, material metabolism, growth and development, and quality and yield. If the soil is too acidic or alkaline, it will To a certain extent, it affects the growth of plant roots, thereby affecting the normal growth and development of plants. Soil acid-base imbalance can also reduce the availability of nutrients in the soil and affect soil fertility.

Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the pH of the soil through the soil pH sensor, understand the soil quality, apply fertilizer reasonably, accelerate soil improvement, and improve fertility, which is very necessary for the growth of crops in the shed.

5. Environmental monitoring platform

As the front end of the entire agricultural greenhouse, sensors need a summary point after all kinds of data are collected, and the environmental monitoring platform is such a role. It collects data from various sensors, stores and analyzes it. Managers can view the data in real time through computers, mobile phones and other terminals, and link related equipment to manage the greenhouse based on environmental information to achieve scientific, intelligent, and efficient management of the greenhouse. .

Agricultural sensors perform real-time monitoring, use cloud computing, data mining and other technologies for multi-level analysis, and link analysis instructions with various control equipment to complete the smart agricultural production model of agricultural production and management, which not only solves the problem of agricultural labor The problem of increasing shortage, and the realization of a high degree of scale, intensification, and factoryization of agricultural production, has improved the ability of agricultural production to respond to natural environmental risks, and has turned the disadvantaged traditional agriculture into a highly efficient modern industry.

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