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Which brand of temperature and humidity recorder is better?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-23
Which brand of temperature and humidity recorder is better?
In 1593, Galileo created the earliest thermometer in the world. After hundreds of years of development, the thermometer is no longer limited to a single temperature measurement function, but has developed into a modern temperature record integrating temperature recording and data monitoring. The instrument is widely used in various industries that need to monitor temperature.

The temperature and humidity sensor measures the outside temperature, and the microprocessor processes the transmitted temperature signal, compresses the data and saves it in the internal random access memory, and reads the data through the computer. The temperature sensor is placed in the shell, and has good heat conduction with the inner wall, and can be sensitive to the temperature of the shell. The above is the working principle of the temperature and humidity recorder.

Regarding temperature and humidity recorders, a question that many friends will still be concerned about is probably: Which brand is better? Today, the editor will answer this question to everyone!

Temperature and humidity recorder brand, it is recommended to choose——, why would you recommend this brand? Please continue to look down~

Other brand companies will exaggerate the product accuracy due to Ru0026D technical defects, but the measurement data is inaccurate and the stability is poor and easily damaged, resulting in missing or inaccurate data records during use. Come economic loss.

The temperature and humidity monitoring series adopts high-precision sensors imported from Switzerland and researched and developed by professional engineers of HVAC measurement and control. Compared with similar products of other brands, the detection is more accurate, the annual drift is small, and the supporting platform and software are provided as a gift. Far below the industry average failure rate. After construction and installation, the equipment is durable, has a low failure rate, saves users' worry and money, and has a higher comprehensive cost-effectiveness.

The temperature and humidity recorder fully complies with GSP/GMP certification requirements

What is GSP? GSP is the English abbreviation of 'Pharmaceutical Business Quality Management Regulations'. It is a set of management procedures for controlling all possible quality accidents in the circulation of pharmaceutical products to prevent quality accidents. It is a unified quality management standard for pharmaceutical companies. So everyone must look for brand merchants that meet GSP standards!

Moreover, the temperature and humidity recorder product has also obtained national patent authorization.

The temperature and humidity recorder is also very powerful, with a built-in 2500mAh large-capacity high-energy battery and buzzer, which has the function of over-limit alarm. The data can be stored 260,000 and can be expanded to 2.08 million at most. The stored data can be exported to the computer in EXCEL, TXT, PDF and other formats, which facilitates subsequent report production and data analysis.

The main technical parameters of the temperature and humidity recorder:

The following editor will introduce the use method and data import of the temperature and humidity recorder.

How to use the temperature and humidity recorder:

1. Install the temperature recorder correctly. Generally, the temperature recorder is a panel-mounted meter, which can be installed in the cabinet or on the table. Pay attention to it.

2. Connect the sensor to the temperature recorder correctly.

3. Power on the temperature recorder.

4. According to the temperature sensor specifications and types, set the temperature sensor type on the recorder.

5. Set the range of the sensor.

6. At this time, the measured temperature can be displayed normally.

How to import the temperature and humidity recorder data into the computer

1. Install the software attached to the temperature recorder on the computer. This is the software to read the temperature recorder data.

2. After installing the software, insert the temperature recorder into the USB port of the computer.

3. Start the software, and the software will automatically read the data in the temperature recorder. You can view graphs, data sheets, and reports.

4. Export data: Click [Export Excel] on the menu bar, enter the file name and select the save location, and click [Save]. Exporting data in PDF and Word format is the same operation.

5. Parameter setting: Click [Parameter Setting] on the menu bar to set the parameters as needed. After setting the parameters, click [Save Parameters]. Note: After the parameters are saved, the data saved in the temperature recorder will be all cleared.

6. Clear data: Click [Parameter Settings] on the menu bar, and click [Save Parameters] to prompt whether to clear the recorder data, click OK to clear the data, and click Exit to complete.

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