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Which industries can ammonia sensors be used in?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-21
Which industries can ammonia sensors be used in?
In May 1968, Nobuyoshi Taguchi, the founder of Figaro, first invented the semiconductor gas sensor. It was not until the 1980s that my country began to develop gas sensors. Although it started late, it has achieved good results. The results. With the development of my country's electronic component technology and the rapid growth of excellent domestic enterprises, gas sensors are widely used in various industries, so which industries are ammonia sensors used in?

1. The application of ammonia sensors in the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, ammonia can be used as a raw material for fertilizer production and as a refrigerant in refrigeration systems. Due to obsolete equipment and lack of scientific management, it is inevitable that there will be ammonia leakage. According to incomplete statistics, the annual ammonia leakage is as high as 2.1 to 8.1 Tg. The leakage of ammonia will cause great pollution to the environment and threaten the lives of operators. Therefore, ammonia sensors must be used to detect the amount of ammonia in the working environment in time and control it within a certain range.

Second, the application of ammonia sensors in smart public toilets

With the update of the network and technology, smart public toilets have gradually entered everyone's field of vision. As we all know, the main two gases that cause the toilet odor are ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, and the concentration of these two gases directly determines the feeling of the toilet odor. At this time, the intervention of the ammonia sensor can monitor the concentration of ammonia in the toilet in real time, so that the toilet can be cleaned in time and effectively, thereby giving people a feeling of comfort.

3. The application of ammonia sensors in the automotive industry

Society continues to develop. More and more cars enter the homes of ordinary people. It brings convenience to people. At the same time, car exhaust is also It has attracted people's attention, especially the environmental hazards caused by nitrogen oxide compounds can not be ignored. For the treatment of automobile exhaust gas, ammonia selective redox system is generally adopted. The system uses ammonia as the reducing agent and oxygen as the oxidant, and reacts with nitrogen oxide compounds to produce nitrogen and water, thereby reducing the pollution of automobile exhaust to the environment. In this system, the amount of ammonia and oxygen added should be appropriate, otherwise it will cause additional pollution, so it is necessary to use an ammonia sensor. In addition, the car cabin is equipped with an air conditioning system. When the content of ammonia in the air around the car is too high, the air conditioner cannot be turned on. Therefore, the use of the air conditioner should be combined with the concentration measured by the ammonia sensor.

4. Application of ammonia gas sensor in the breeding industry

Ammonia gas is one of the harmful gases in the breeding farm. The tissue is strongly irritating and corrosive, destroying the structure of the membrane. If grown in a high-concentration ammonia environment, the animal's body will be directly exposed to strong stimulation, causing skin tissue burns, tissue dissolution and necrosis, and even central nervous system paralysis, causing toxic liver disease, myocardial damage and other diseases. The high concentration of ammonia can also harm the staff. It can be seen that the detection of the concentration of ammonia is indispensable for the agricultural breeding industry.

V. Application of ammonia sensors in the atmospheric monitoring industry

There are currently three sources of ammonia in the atmosphere. One is biological nitrogen fixation, through which nitrogen in the atmosphere enters the ecological cycle system, and the total ammonia emission of the world is 1.0Tg/a by biological nitrogen fixation; the second is ammoniation, including agriculture, animals, and leaves. The ammonium ions and gaseous ammonia released are synthesized by bacteria to synthesize nitrite and nitrate. The total ammonia emissions in the world come from ammoniation up to 20~35Tg/a; the third source is from the chemical industry and motor vehicles. For vehicles, the ammonia in this process mainly comes from the chemical fertilizer production process and the refrigeration process. The measurement range of the ammonia sensor used for atmospheric environment monitoring should be at least 0.1ppm~200ppm.

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