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Why can the environmental monitoring system of the power distribution room be widely used?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-14
Why can the environmental monitoring system of the power distribution room be widely used?
The power distribution room is the part of the entire power supply system that is directly connected to the user community. In the past, the lack of cooperation with environmental monitoring systems, high manual operation costs, and poor safety and reliability led to frequent accidents in the power distribution room, which affected the lives of enterprises and residents as well as electricity consumption in various degrees. Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology and the gradual improvement of the environmental monitoring system of the power distribution room, the safety of the power distribution room has been greatly improved.

Power distribution room environmental monitoring system

The power distribution room environmental monitoring system transmits various electrical signals, operating parameters and environmental data to the On the intelligent operation and maintenance monitoring platform of the cloud platform, remote, centralized, and real-time monitoring of the user power distribution room is realized, and the power distribution room is 'unattended and few people on duty'.

When the power equipment fails or the site is abnormal (equipment short circuit, high cable temperature, water ingress, illegal intrusion, etc.), the device automatically collects information at the first time, and sends monitoring information to the superior remote monitoring management center (Data, voice, video, etc.) and alarm information.

Operation and maintenance personnel can know the operating status of the equipment in time without visiting the site, and directly monitor and monitor the site to eliminate the accident in the bud. Specifically, it can be developed from the composition, eight functions and five goals:

The composition of the comprehensive monitoring of the power distribution room:

The environmental temperature and humidity of the power distribution room in the network, the status of the power distribution switch, water leakage/water flooding, smoke, and the theft of the power distribution room are the monitoring objects, and the various parameters and states of the important equipment in the power distribution room are locally linked to control, Remote centralized monitoring, mobile phone SMS alarm. The full information collection and monitoring of the power distribution room is of great significance to applications such as automatic operation management, overhaul and maintenance, disaster prevention and early warning, safety protection, and power demand management in the power distribution room.

Eight functions of the power distribution room environmental monitoring system:

1. Temperature and humidity sensor: monitor the indoor temperature and humidity parameters of the power distribution room;

2, water sensor: water immersion monitoring, alarm, Reduce leakage, short circuit and other conditions caused by water leakage;

3. Air conditioning controller: remotely control the indoor air conditioner, which can only adjust the indoor environment;

4. Air quality sensor: monitor the temperature and humidity in the indoor air , Air pressure, light, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC and other values, as well as oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other gas concentrations;

5, external large display and small host: to achieve parameter settings, status monitoring, equipment control And other functions;

6, can be connected to the monitoring camera, terminal real-time video monitoring;

7, can be combined with a large-size monitoring display screen, can display the image of on-site monitoring.

8. Support mobile app and computer remote management.

Five goals of the power distribution room environmental monitoring system:

1. Provide highly stable and reliable monitoring information resources for the operation of various systems and equipment in the power distribution station, provide real-time data monitoring and necessary remote control and intelligence control.

2. Generate fault alarms for faults in power distribution, notify relevant management personnel in a variety of ways, deal with them in time, and solve them in time. Early warning of impending failures.

3. Promote the automation and intelligence of power distribution stations, clarify the rights and responsibilities of managers, improve the management level of the computer room, save the operation and management costs of power distribution stations, and achieve the purpose of short-term investment and long-term benefits.

4. Use the complete data statistics and analysis functions of the system to provide a reliable reference basis for the managers of the distribution station, and provide a sufficient basis for decision-making for the construction and improvement of the distribution station.

5. Reserve sufficient expansion functions to adapt to development needs, so that it is convenient to expand, easy to change, and can adapt to changes in the environment and diversified management needs.

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