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Why does the temperature and humidity sensor drift after a period of time?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-13
Why does the temperature and humidity sensor drift after a period of time?
Temperature and humidity are physical quantities of cold and hot objects. Temperature and humidity are important standards for measuring the overall environmental quality. In production and scientific research, many physical phenomena and chemical processes are carried out at a certain temperature and humidity. Among them, the demand for temperature and humidity sensors in agriculture, industry, buildings, offices, and computer rooms is increasing.

Temperature and humidity sensor is a sensor device equipped with humidity and heat sensitive components, which can be used to measure temperature and humidity. A device or device that can convert temperature and humidity into electrical signals that can be easily measured and processed. Under the highly developed form of modern science and technology, the requirements for measurement accuracy are getting higher and higher, so it is particularly important to reduce or eliminate sensor errors caused by temperature. But when using the temperature and humidity sensor, you will find that why does the temperature and humidity sensor drift after a period of time?

The drift of the temperature and humidity sensor is divided into zero drift and temperature drift. These two kinds of drift have different effects on the measurement accuracy of the sensor. The sensor detects some external parameters, and then sends back some analog and digital signals. Due to the external environment Some interference caused by the sensor is mixed with some interference signals. How to solve the sensor drift is very important.

In actual use, due to the influence of dust, oil and harmful gases, the long-term use will cause aging and accuracy degradation. The annual drift of temperature and humidity sensors is generally about ±2%. Under normal circumstances, production The manufacturer will indicate that the effective use time for one calibration is 1 or 2 years, and recalibration is required when it expires.

Why does the temperature and humidity sensor drift after a period of time?

1. Temperature and humidity sensors will drift during use, which is impossible to avoid.

2. The root cause of drift is that all pressure sensors are based on the elastic deformation of a material. No matter how good the material is, there will always be a certain amount of elastic fatigue after elastic recovery.

3. In the process of using the temperature and humidity sensor, the drift caused by the elastic material varies according to the material, but as long as it is a qualified product, it is in a small range.

4. In addition to the drift caused by the material, there is also a more significant drift, that is, temperature drift (referred to as temperature drift). Temperature drift generally refers to the change of transistor parameters when the ambient temperature changes, which will cause the instability of the static operating point, make the dynamic parameters of the circuit unstable, and even make the circuit unable to work normally. In the amplifying circuit, any parameter change, such as the fluctuation of the power supply voltage, the aging of the component, the change of the parameter of the semiconductor component with the temperature change. Both will produce output voltage drift.

5. In addition to the drift of the above factors, the drift of the temperature and humidity sensor also depends on the design of the circuit and the quality of the components.

6. The temperature and humidity sensor rarely drifts if it is used for a long time. If it is left for a long time, the probability of temperature drift is relatively high.

So how to solve the error caused by the offset of the temperature and humidity sensor?

In the temperature and humidity sensor, when other conditions remain unchanged, its output signal will drift with temperature changes. In order to reduce this phenomenon, we adopt a certain algorithm to correct the output result to achieve The purpose of eliminating the influence of temperature changes on its output signal within a certain range. This method is called temperature compensation of the temperature and humidity sensor, or 'temperature compensation' for short. At present, most temperature and humidity sensors have temperature compensation to ensure the accuracy of the temperature and humidity range to ensure the accuracy of temperature and humidity sensor monitoring.

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