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Why is there a weather station in the scenic spot

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-13
Why is there a weather station in the scenic spot
In recent years, the installation of weather stations in tourist attractions has become more and more common. Many large tourist attractions have installed and used scenic weather stations to monitor the climate information of tourist attractions in real time.

If you have been to the scenic spot, you must see the weather information data such as air temperature, air humidity, negative oxygen ion content on the display screen of the scenic spot or hear the weather information data such as air temperature, air humidity, and negative oxygen ion content. Monitoring of scenic weather stations. When you see this, you may ask, the weather information is available in daily weather forecasts. Why must a weather station be installed?

The weather forecast is generally once a day. The weather changes in real time. In order to avoid the impact of severe weather and prevent the occurrence of natural disasters, the scenic weather station can be installed to monitor in real time, and to know the weather information such as wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity in time. In case of severe weather, timely warning can be provided. For example, severe weather such as heavy fog, heavy rain, etc., timely detection can prevent tourists from staying and ensure the safety of tourists!

In addition, the scenic weather station is a little different from other weather stations. The scenic weather station can monitor negative oxygen ions to help the scenic area improve the environment. Negative oxygen ions are nutrients in the air, which are very beneficial to human health. The higher the content of negative oxygen ions, the better the air quality. Therefore, many tourist attractions attach great importance to this data. These meteorological elements can provide a short-term weather forecast for the scenic spot, and also have a very direct guiding role for tourists to arrange travel.

Not only that, the installation of weather stations in scenic spots also has scientific value. In a city with dense buildings, the wind speed in the north-south gap between the buildings and the east-west gap are different, and the wind direction is even more different. If you observe the wind at any point here, it will not be a good representative of the wind in this area. ; And if it is in an open area, the spatial variation of wind direction and wind speed is relatively small, and wind observation here can well represent the wind in the area.

The same is true for temperature observation. The solar radiation received under the viaduct, in the park and in front of the sunny buildings in the community is very different, and the temperature difference is also very obvious, which makes the temperature observation in these places poorly representative. The observation of other meteorological elements is roughly the same.

Therefore, before conducting meteorological observations, the choice of station site will be considered. It is undoubtedly a very good choice to establish the weather station in an 'open' area with less human interference-a natural scenic area.

The scenic weather station (RS-QXZM) can monitor air humidity, noise, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, sunlight, rain and snow status, ultraviolet light, total radiation, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, Twenty-eight meteorological environmental elements such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions, ammonia, TVOC, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil EC, soil PH, air temperature, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, etc. Can be freely matched according to the environment.

The scenic weather station can upload data to the monitoring software platform through GPRS, or connect to the local area network through the network port. At the same time, the weather station also has a ModBus-RTU slave station interface that can also connect The data is uploaded to the customer's monitoring software or PLC configuration screen through 485 communication. It can be matched with solar panels and batteries for field measurement and solve power supply problems. It can also be equipped with dual power supply of mains and solar energy to ensure that the equipment can work normally and uninterrupted under severe conditions. It can automatically monitor the changes of various meteorological elements in the scenic environment around the clock.

The weather information can also be released in time through the LED display, such as tourist weather service information, wind speed and direction, heavy rain and other scenic spots notification information. It not only enables tourists to have a more intuitive understanding of the scenic environment, enhances the ability to release weather information, and enhances the meteorological disaster prevention capabilities of tourist attractions, but also provides scientific basis and basic data for accumulating meteorological data and analyzing climate change.

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