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Why must dust monitoring be required on construction sites? _The application of the dust detector in the dust monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-14
Why must dust monitoring be required on construction sites? _The application of the dust detector in the dust monitoring system
Air control has become a topic for the whole people, and the first shot in the battle to defend the blue sky is to clean up the dust on the construction site! These floating dust impurities endanger human health. When there are too many floating impurities and dust in the air, the more likely it is that the impurities will adhere to bacteria, and the greater the harm caused by the human body when inhaled.

Not only that, if the dust in the air contains a large amount of aluminum powder, zinc powder, ferrosilicon powder, magnesium powder, iron powder, aluminum processing grinding powder, various plastic powders, intermediates of organic synthetic drugs, wheat flour , Sugar, wood chips, dyes, bakelite ash, milk powder, tea powder, tobacco powder, coal dust, plant fiber dust, etc., it is easy to cause dust explosion. It is also one of the main sources of air pollution.

In order to improve the air quality, we use wireless sensor technology and laser dust testing equipment to independently research and develop an all-weather outdoor dust monitoring system. Using advanced technologies such as Internet of Things perception, data wireless communication, databases, geographic information systems, video, etc., integrate data collection, transmission, multi-dimensional data display and application to meet the needs of environmental monitoring, pollution prevention and scientific decision-making in new forms of dust. Realize the comprehensive informatization of dust supervision, and provide digital supervision methods for the joint law enforcement of environmental protection, urban construction and other regulatory agencies to meet the needs of joint law enforcement.

Online cloud monitoring, no dust offline

The dust emission status at the construction site can be established through the dust monitoring system. It is online 24 hours a day. The real-time tracking and monitoring system return data for rapid processing. The preset emission value for real-time alarm. Energy conservation and environmental protection departments monitor costs and improve monitoring efficiency. Online real-time dust detection, automatic control, and sound and light alarm output functions. When the PM value reaches the set limit, the fog cannon is automatically activated, and the dust spraying measures in the on-site environment are atomized to achieve linkage.

In addition to realizing dust monitoring, it can also monitor environmental factors such as PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, TSP, noise, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, etc. The test data of each test point is directly uploaded through wireless communication Going to the monitoring background greatly saves the monitoring cost of the environmental protection department and improves the monitoring efficiency. As my country’s requirements for environmental governance are getting higher and higher, PM2.5 has increasingly become an important indicator of environmental monitoring, and the dust in the air, as an important part of the impact of PM2.5 indicators, has also become the object of monitoring by environmental protection departments at all levels. .

Structural composition

The online dust monitor is composed of a real-time monitoring system, a data display and analysis system, an early warning control system, a spray system (fog cannon), and a wireless transmission system. PM2.5 and PM10 are optional. Ten monitoring factors such as PM1.0, TSP, noise, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, etc., can also be equipped with video monitoring and LED display.

On-line dust monitoring system: consists of dust monitoring unit, noise monitoring unit, weather monitoring unit, data acquisition and processing unit, LED screen display unit, and data monitoring platform.

Flying dust monitoring unit: It is composed of PM2.5 sensor and PM10 sensor. (Other extensions can be extended) Continuous and automatic monitoring of the fugitive dust is carried out through the sensor. The fugitive dust collects data every minute and uploads it to the server in real time for statistics and analysis by the background program.

Noise monitoring unit: The all-weather outdoor noise collection sensor unit is composed of noise sensors, which provides reliable guarantee for the outdoor monitoring safety and data accuracy of the sensor;

Meteorological monitoring unit: wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, weather and more The element louver box composition provides meteorological parameter guarantee for the later analysis of the dust and noise monitoring data; in particular, scientific prediction and warning of the movement trend of the dust through the wind direction; scientific correction of the dust and noise monitoring data under different meteorological conditions ;

Data acquisition and processing unit: composed of the main control core of dust monitoring. This unit is the center of the whole system, which distinguishes, inspects and stores the collected monitoring data; performs statistical analysis and processing on the collected monitoring data in accordance with statistical requirements , Report the processed data to the cloud platform, and control the localized display of the parameters to realize the integration of environmental parameters and the video monitoring screen;

LED screen display unit: real-time monitoring data on-site display composed of LED external display screens, It serves as a warning to construction units and urban residents; provides data support for self-inspection and self-control of construction units and urban residents; achieves the function of timely control and reduction of noise and dust that exceeds the standard;

data display platform: composed of a dust online monitoring system platform


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