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Why use pipe temperature and humidity sensors in ventilation duct temperature and humidity monitoring?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-01
Why use pipe temperature and humidity sensors in ventilation duct temperature and humidity monitoring?
Ventilation ducts are metal or composite ducts used in the ventilation and air-conditioning engineering of industrial and civil buildings. They are a kind of municipal infrastructure to circulate the air and reduce the concentration of harmful gases.

Why do ventilation ducts need to monitor temperature and humidity?

As we all know, the pollutants in the air duct are not only dust but also bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. At a certain temperature and humidity, the temperature and humidity in the air duct is very suitable for the survival and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms. The air conditioning system is activated. Time or pipeline vibration may cause the airflow to re-raise the dust with germs and send it indoors, endangering people living and working in these places, and the risk of suffering from respiratory diseases or sick building syndrome will be greatly increased. , Endangering people's health.

Isn't it possible to install ordinary temperature and humidity sensors? Why is it necessary to install a pipe temperature and humidity sensor?

The installation of ordinary temperature and humidity sensors requires a separate hole to insert the sensor probe into the ventilation duct. Because the diameter of the probe does not match the thickness of the wire, it is easy to cause air leakage in the duct and affect the temperature and humidity measurement results. . At this time, someone will say that I can fix it with glue to block the hole. Although this method is feasible, it is not convenient to check or move the instrument, so it is not recommended. According to the characteristics of the pipeline, the pipe temperature and humidity sensor adopts flange installation. First, make a hole in the pipe and put the probe into the air pipe. At this time, someone will definitely ask, will the air duct leak in this way, and can the monitoring value be accurate? In order to ensure the tightness between the equipment and the air duct, and greatly reduce the outflow of gas in the pipe, we have equipped with high-quality silicone sealing ring on the flange, so as to ensure the accuracy of data measurement.

The pipe temperature and humidity sensor is a sensor dedicated to the temperature and humidity monitoring of the supply air, fresh air and exhaust air in the air duct. Imported temperature and humidity measuring unit is adopted, with small drift and high accuracy. The equipment adopts the standard Modbus-RTU protocol, the communication address and baud rate can be set, and the communication line can be up to 2000 meters long. It supports secondary development; the equipment can upload data to our environmental monitoring software or collect data by itself. Support multiple device networking, the number of networking is up to 254.

In the air duct, there will be a lot of dust and particles attached to the air flow. The temperature and humidity transmitter of the duct uses a stainless steel filter element. The 25um high-density hole can not only filter out the dust but also ensure the passage of air. It can be used in damp and high dust occasions, and it is durable. In addition, the user can also change the temperature range of the pipeline temperature and humidity transmitter according to the actual application. Its default range is -40~80℃, and it can also be set to -35~35℃, -35~50℃, 0~50 Various temperature ranges, such as ℃, greatly facilitate the use of users.

Pipeline installation method, easy on-site installation, adopts anti-interference circuit design, can withstand various strong electromagnetic interferences such as on-site inverters; the equipment adopts a waterproof shell design, the equipment has a bright color LED display, and the wheel display is real-time The temperature and humidity ensure that the displayed value can be seen clearly in a dark place.

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