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Wind speed sensor installation method and matters needing attention

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-31
Wind speed sensor installation method and matters needing attention
In life, wind speed sensor is a kind of meteorological measurement equipment widely used nowadays. It is an instrument used to measure the gas flow speed. In fact, the change of wind speed is often related to factors such as air pressure, temperature and gas type. Yes, in the field of meteorology, wind speed data can be used with parameters such as temperature and pressure to estimate the recent changes in weather, that is, recent weather information, so the information collected by people using wind speed sensors is more important.

The instruments used to measure wind speed are usually divided into two types, one is an anemometer that can be read directly, and the other is a wind speed sensor that needs to be connected to a terminal computer system, which is sold in the market. This type of sensor is mostly three-cup wind speed sensors. This sensor uses the mature technology of early mechanical anemometers and is 'equipped' with more advanced electronic chips in its structure. This allows the advantages of the three-cup structure to be further explored. And this kind of sensor has the advantage of not being restricted by wind direction.

So what is a three-cup wind speed sensor?

The three-cup wind speed sensor can continuously monitor the wind speed and air volume (air volume u003d wind speed × cross-sectional area), and can measure the wind speed in the environment and display it in real time. The following introduces the installation, use and precautions of the three-cup wind speed sensor.

Installation method:

Flange installation is adopted, and the threaded flange connection makes the lower pipe fitting of the wind speed sensor firmly fixed on the flange. The chassis is Ø65mm, and four Ø6mm holes are opened on the circumference of Ø47.1mm. The mounting holes are tightly fixed on the bracket with bolts to keep the entire instrument at the best level and ensure the accuracy of the wind speed data. The flange connection is easy to use and can withstand greater pressure.


Two prohibitions:

1. It is forbidden to use the wind speed sensor in a flammable gas environment

2. It is forbidden to place the wind speed sensor probe in flammable In the gas.

Seven do not:

1. Don't disassemble or modify the wind speed sensor;

2. Don't expose the probe and the anemometer body to rain;

3. Don't touch the sensor part of the probe ;

4. Do not place the wind speed sensor in high temperature, high humidity, dust and direct sunlight;

5, do not use volatile liquids to wipe the wind speed sensor;

6, do not drop Drop or press the wind speed sensor;

7. Do not touch the sensor part of the probe when the wind speed sensor is charged.

Three musts:

Be sure to use the wind speed sensor correctly according to the requirements of the instruction manual; in use, if the wind speed sensor emits abnormal smell, sound or smoke, or liquid flows into the anemometer, be sure to Unplug the power immediately. Keep away from high-power interference equipment as much as possible to avoid inaccurate measurement, such as inverters, motors, etc., before installing or removing the transmitter, you must disconnect the power supply. Water in the transmitter can cause irreversible changes. Prevent chemical reagents, oil, dust, etc. from directly invading the sensor. Do not use it for a long time under condensation and extreme temperature environments, and prevent thermal shock.

The wind speed sensor is convenient and accurate in measurement. It can be used sensitively in many areas. It is widely used in urban environmental monitoring, wind power generation, climate monitoring, bridges and tunnels, marine ships, aviation airports, and various fan manufacturing industries. Ventilation and exhaust system industries, etc.

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