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Wireless Weather Stations - A Guide to Getting

by:Rika Sensors     2020-05-19
You don't have to be a geek to enjoy technology like wireless weather stations. These neat little gadgets have a lot of practical uses too. All you need is an interest in weather and you can practically turn your home into a weather observatory. What Equipment Is Needed? Interestingly, all what you need is a few square feet of space in your backyard and that's it! If you want the most basic of units you don't even need that. No fears of ultra large displays and panels with buttons of every shape, size and color, just like what they show in the movies! A simple solar powered, multi - functional gadget will suffice for your home needs. Of course if you want to measure more than just the basic parameters you'll need a little more equipment and a little more space. If space is not a constraint for you, you can choose to setup individual units - it's more precise and does the work nicely with all the details you would ever want. Needless to say, it's a bit heavier on the pockets too! This is a great way to enhance your child's curiosity in science and weather. And a great way to indulge you own obsession with weather if you have one. But obsession or not, you will always be able to keep on top of the weather in your area no matter where you live. So for starters, figure out exactly why you want a wireless weather station. If is just for interest's sake, a small station will be enough. If it is a passionate hobby and a learning tool, a more comprehensive data analysis station may just be perfect for you. If you are a farmer and rancher whose livelihood depends on weather, you may also need a more advanced unit. Especially if you live in an area where other sources of information are sparse. Parameters such as wind speed, direction, relative humidity, temperature, precipitation are the basics. But as your knowledge and understanding advances, Solar Radiation Intensity, Barometric pressure, Heat Index, Dew Point, and even Evapotranspiration information is what you should aim for. There are many good products on the market. One that we like is the Vantage Vue weather station. It can transmit data up to a range of 1000ft. so you can sit at your desk and do your research and study. It boasts of a variety of features such as: A� Indoor, outdoor temperatures, humidity and precipitation A� Heat index, dew point, rain rate A� Time of sunrise and sunset A� Records wind speeds from 2mph to 150 mph A� Solar powered with efficient energy utilization A� 50 onscreen graphs to help you study weather patterns, better. It is one of those wireless stations which give you an edge over the others, in terms of your understanding of the weather. But it may be more than you want or need. Don't worry, there are plenty of others to choose from. And no matter what you choose, there will be no more depending on the news channel weather guy to only give you an idea of the weather. Share your knowledge in your area and community and create instant interest and awareness with wireless weather stations!
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