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Wisdom agriculture: soil moisture monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-10
Background: soil moisture monitoring system information management system to soil moisture and drought and drought disaster reduction as the goal, in order to realize the soil moisture, NongQing, water diversion of water conservancy projects information as data source, such as using soil moisture sensor and other advanced equipment, combined with the mathematical model for regional, relying on computer network environment, establish the moisture content of information management, query service, forecast analysis for the integration of decision support system, scientifically make drought scheduling scheme, to provide decision support for correct command drought relief, maximize reduce disaster losses. < br / >

soil moisture monitoring system architecture diagram: soil moisture monitoring system can realize all-weather continuous monitoring. The remote automatic monitoring equipment to collect real-time data of soil moisture, and use the data remote transmission on the GPRS wireless network; The monitoring center automatically receive, automatic storage of monitoring of the monitoring data in the database.

soil moisture monitoring system is introduced: soil moisture monitoring station is a collection of soil temperature and humidity collection, storage, transmission and management, which integrates automatic monitoring system of soil moisture. The machine by the multi-channel data acquisition instrument, soil temperature and humidity sensor, soil salinity, PH, and soil NPK meteorological sensors and software platform. After data acquisition is united by iot gateway uploaded to the cloud platform, soil moisture monitoring station can realize multi-parameter monitor the environment. According to user requirements for selection.

soil moisture monitoring system features: 1, meet the demand of fieldwork, windproof, rainproof, dustproof and meet IP65 protection class.

2, collector: power meter, pulse train, lightning protection, anti-static protection measures, etc.

3, communication way: penetration cloud box bridge sensor data acquisition and transmission through GPRS to the cloud, implement

remote real-time view the data through mobile phones, computers.

4, GPS function: through the software platform to view equipment specific geographical location ( Longitude, latitude) 。

5, reliability: introducing the external power supply and communication system of temporary problems will not affect the data collection,

communication recovered automatically download delays in transmission of data; Permanent power without losing have been gathering the data stored.

6, equipment, power supply mode:

external ac, 220 v power supply

solar power supply system: 80 w solar power, 40 ah battery, solar controller, stents, metal

protection box, rainy day can standby 5 normal work.

soil moisture monitoring system can match - cloud platform use, real-time monitoring of soil conditions. Pure cloud for small-scale applications customers, provides a configurable 'one thousand' 'interface and private domain name resolution services, requires only a few yuan to buy a domain name can achieve same effect and localization deployment.

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