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Wisdom aquaculture, aquaculture intelligent monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-09

water is foundation to the survival of fish, fish in a water, good water quality environment is the important link to realize high-yielding aquaculture and efficient one. And appropriate water temperature is not only fish, growth, reproduction and the necessary condition of resistance to disease and is also one of the important factors that affect water quality. Appropriate water temperature plays an important role in aquaculture, therefore, to understand the water temperature variation law and its influence on major freshwater aquaculture, is of great significance to guide freshwater fish farming.

after the summer begins, the water temperature gradually raised, aquaculture production into the busy season, most of the breeding into the normal feeding growing period, warn broad farming enterprises: one is to do a good job of disinfection of aquaculture ponds. Became active water temperature after recovery, all kinds of pathogens, once encounter unstable environment, easy to cause disease, available chlorine preparation all splashing pool, the removal of pathogens. Prophylaxis, in the process of breeding and for the onset of individual medications must be strictly follow the provisions of relevant state fishery drugs using can scientific administration, standardization of drug use; The second is to strengthen aquaculture production and management. Appropriately reduce the breeding density, reduce stress reaction; Feeding activity increases with increasing temperature, fish, using high quality feed, reduce the remnant; Timely adjust water quality or raises the new water, keep the good water quality and breeding environment; 3 it is to pay close attention to weather changes. Actively prepared to cope with sudden climate change, especially heavy rainfall weather response, timely strengthening breeding facilities, watch the water of oxygen.

different fish to the requirement of the water temperature is different, in order to create the most suitable temperature environment for fish, we can know the temperature change of the water. Water ph is both affected the growth of fish life, also affect the nutrients in the water, fish commonly suitable dissolved oxygen value is less than 3 mg/l, stop feeding the fish growth.

fine - open to provide you with 'aquaculture' intelligent monitoring system integration of intelligent water quality sensors, wireless sensor network, remote data communication, technology, such as intelligent management system and video monitor system for intensive aquaculture, high-yield, high efficiency, the development of ecology, safety requirements, building the aquaculture intelligent monitoring system, cloud platform to realize the real-time connection aquaculture monitoring system of aquaculture water quality parameters of multi-point synchronous acquisition and remote transmission, water quality information of multimode access and early warning information release in time, aerator, bait casting machines and other production equipment of the remote control.

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