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Wisdom aquaculture - — Help you wise fish in water monitoring

by:Rika Sensors     2020-08-21

China's aquaculture superpower, output value of nearly 70% of total output value of the international. But the industry produced form also at a relatively low level, mostly raising production or a lot of artificial diagnosis, decision making, adjustment, feeding equipment is also the original brief. Traditional fisheries development is more and more difficult, intelligent, digital must become wisdom of the fisheries development inevitably choice.

the fishery breeding has important effect on water quality, to grasp water quality changes in time, response measures in advance, to increase production, monitoring of water quality parameters are very important. Maintain good water quality environment, improve fishery production, water quality monitoring is very important. Wisdom of aquaculture water quality monitoring system can be carried out on the water temperature, ph and dissolved oxygen 24 hours real-time monitoring, data can be real-time upload cloud platform, can the cloud storage and query. It can maximum limit solve aquaculture cannot real-time monitoring of water quality, water quality parameters is difficult for the early warning breeding difficulties.

1, temperature monitoring, temperature is one of the important environmental factors that affect aquaculture, water temperature affected the food intake of fish and incubation time, by wisdom fishery water quality monitoring can be all-weather monitoring, water temperature, when the temperature above or below the set range, the system can automatically alarm.

2, pH monitoring, low pH, acidic water, easy to cause the fish get sick or water bacteria multiply, wisdom aquaculture water quality monitoring system for water quality automatic monitoring pH, change water in time, ensure the healthy growth of fish.

3, dissolved oxygen monitoring, the content of dissolved oxygen relationship with appetite, feed utilization, the fish growth speed, etc. Wisdom of aquaculture water quality automatic monitoring system for monitoring dissolved oxygen in water, dissolved oxygen low oxygen increasing linkage control can automatically open pump.

4, ammonia nitrogen content monitoring, ammonia nitrogen content is high, will affect the growth of fish, and even killed fish poisoning and brings to the production of heavy losses.

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