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A must see for new farmers! Introduction to Soil Moisture Monitoring

A must see for new farmers! Introduction to Soil Moisture Monitoring


A must see for new farmers! Introduction to Soil Moisture Monitoring


In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the prevention and control of soil pollution, and has issued a series of relevant policies, regulations and standards and other regulatory documents.On January 1, 2019, the "Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People's Republic of China" came into force, filling the legislative gap in the field of soil pollution prevention in China. With the promulgation and implementation of the "Soil Ten" and "Soil Law", soil pollution treatment and remediation-related supporting standards, guidelines, guidelines and management methods have also been introduced, making the construction of China's soil remediation laws and regulations and standards show a trend of serialization and systematization, effectively promoting the prevention and control of soil pollution in China.




Deeply implement the "Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution" to promote the improvement of soil environmental quality, the Ministry of Finance issued a special fund for soil pollution prevention and control in 2021 in advance, totaling 2.8 billion yuan. As of January 24, 2021, there have been Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities have successively issued a public notice about the central soil pollution prevention and control funds in 2021.



In the "soil ten" of the entire work plan, soil pollution survey and related monitoring and assessment is a vital part of the longest, workload, the most human resources, involving the most equipment part of the work.


As the basis for good soil pollution prevention, treatment, soil monitoring is bound to speed up. It can be said that soil monitoring is throughout to soil pollution prevention and control, soil monitoring industry will become a major windfall of the soil prevention and control industry.




What is soil moisture monitoring?


As a large agricultural country, how to achieve timely and effective drought prevention and drought relief and water-saving irrigation is one of the key tasks of modern agriculture. To better accomplish this work, we need to use professional soil moisture monitoring system to establish soil moisture monitoring points, and use the system to build a soil moisture monitoring network to support the rapid development of modern agriculture with networked coverage and refined monitoring data.


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Soil moisture monitoring is an important basis for serving decision making and guiding production, and is the basis for realizing drought classification, irrigation water effective utilization coefficient calculation, water use efficiency evaluation, etc., targeting to propose timely sowing, drought watering, draining and flooding, timely fertilization and other agricultural production measures, and is important for guiding irrigation to improve both irrigation efficiency.


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Soil moisture monitoring system is a specialized system for dynamic monitoring and real-time feedback of soil moisture, which has good application prospects in the fields of drought monitoring, intelligent irrigation, soil research, environmental monitoring and disaster warning.


Currently, the agricultural field emphasizes the application of monitoring data to scientifically guide agricultural production. Therefore, than to meet the actual work needs of soil moisture network monitoring, the application of modern technologies such as Internet of Things and big data has been accelerated around the world, and the research of soil moisture monitoring technology has been accelerated with the goal of intelligence.




RIKA soil moisture monitoring products recommended


RIKA professional production of soil moisture sensor series products can be continuous stable and reliable monitoring of soil conditions for a long time, can scientifically and truly reflect the soil changes in the monitored area, can provide timely and accurate soil moisture conditions at each monitoring point, to provide an important information base for scientific agricultural planting.


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Soil monitoring series mainly contains soil temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor, soil temperature and humidity sensor, soil conductivity sensor, soil PH value sensor, etc.


The products are widely used in soil wall monitoring, scientific experiment, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grass pasture, soil quick measurement, plant culture, sewage treatment, fine agriculture and other occasions.




RK500-03 Soil Conductivity Sensor

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Conductivity sensor, soil conductivity sensor_soil conductivity transmitter_salt transmitter_soil EC salinity meter_soil conductivity salinity sensor




RK500-03 Soil conductivity sensor probe adopts graphite electrode, which has stable performance, high sensitivity and wide application range. With simple structure, stable performance and easy operation, the EC sensor is used for field monitoring of soil water and salt dynamics. Therefore, it is an ideal observation instrument for studying the generation, evolution and improved utilization of saline soils. It can also be used to monitor the corrosion of underground oil and gas pipelines and other pipelines. The sensor can also be submerged directly in a liquid to measure its conductivity. The soil salinity sensor integrates graphite electrodes and precision platinum resistors to measure soil salinity through a temperature compensation algorithm. After immersion in the soil, the salt content of the soil can be directly tested.




RK520-01 Soil Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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Soil temperature and humidity transmitter_Soil temperature and humidity sensor_Soil temperature and humidity detector for agriculture_On-line soil temperature and humidity tester for smart agriculture




The RK520-01 soil moisture & temperature sensor integrates moisture and temperature measurement functions. The stainless steel probe is inserted into the soil surface or soil profile to quickly test the moisture and temperature of the soil. The moisture measurement section is designed based on the FDR principle, which measures the dielectric constant of the soil to measure the soil moisture content. The temperature section uses a precision platinum resistance element, and the product has built-in drift calibration and temperature compensation circuitry to accommodate most applications. The probe can be buried in the ground and connected to a data logger for unrestricted testing.




RK520-74 Catheter Type Moisture Temperature Sensor

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Soil Moisture Detector_Soil Moisture Sensor_Soil Conduit Moisture Temperature Sensor_Tubular Soil Detector_Tubular Soil Moisture Monitoring System




RK520-74 Conduit type moisture temperature sensor is a sensor based on the principle of dielectric constant. It is capable of dynamic observation for different levels of soil moisture content and temperature status, which can quickly understand the set of soil moisture information, scientifically formulate drought dispatching plan, provide decision support for correct command of drought relief, and greatly reduce disaster losses. The product is suitable for the need to detect soil moisture and drought information, or the need for real-time detection of meteorology, water and rain, moisture, agricultural conditions, water storage and water diversion of water conservancy projects and other places.




RK500-01 Soil / liquid temperature sensor

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Temperature sensor_ Temperature transmitter_ Soil temperature sensor_ Soil temperature transmitter_ Soil temperature detector_




RK500-01 soil / liquid temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature of soil or liquid medium, which can be applied to automatic weather stations, soil temperature detection, pond or reservoir water temperature detection and other fields. The product can be put into water and used, or buried in the soil. The sensor takes precision RTD as the sensing element, with built-in signal sampling amplification, zero drift and temperature compensation function, featuring high measurement accuracy and good stability.




RK500-22 Soil pH Sensor

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Soil pH sensor_Soil pH sensor_Soil pH tester_Soil pH tester_Soil pH measurement for agriculture


RK500-22 pH sensor to measure pH value should be a good solution, using low impedance sensitive glass, using internal signal isolation technology, strong anti-interference, good reproducibility, thermal stability, no need for professional calibration instruments, easy installation, stable performance, can be used for continuous measurement of soil pH value, suitable for agriculture and environmental protection and other fields.




RK510-01 Soil Moisture Sensor

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Soil moisture sensor_Soil moisture meter_Soil moisture tester_Soil moisture tester_Soil moisture sensor


RK510-01 is a high precision and high sensitivity soil moisture meter. It uses the principle of electromagnetic pulse (FDR: Frequency Domain Reflection) to measure the dielectric constant of soil, and inserts a stainless steel probe into the soil surface or soil profile to quickly measure the volumetric water content of soil online, the method is soil moisture measurement method. It can be embedded in the soil for use. Soil moisture sensor can be widely used in soil moisture monitoring, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse control, fine agriculture, hydrological gas, road monitoring and other fields.






In conclusion, to have a larger and faster development of modern agriculture, improving monitoring efficiency is one of the keys. Soil moisture monitoring system can realize real-time monitoring of soil, which has practical value for soil monitoring occasions. And in the process of modern agriculture scale development, production methods and modes are changing, the application of testing instruments is an important way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agriculture, so it can be said that the instrument is the urgent need of China's agricultural development, and has a very broad application prospects.

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