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Rika Sensor is a weather sensor manufacturer and environmental monitoring solution provider with 10+ years of industry experience.


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Azerbaijan customer visits Rikasensor

Azerbaijan customer visits Rikasensor


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The customer from Azerbaijan visited Rika Sensor

The Azerbaijani customer visited Rika Sensor on October 11th,2021. Sales manager Demi, sales supervisor Sarah, and technical manager Michael warmly received the guest.

The attendees introduced our hydrology and water quality sensors and the application, such as: RKL-07 radar flow meter,RK500-09 all-in-one(DO, COD, pH, ORP, EC, salinity, NH4+, turbidity) water quality sensor,RK500-11 liquid temperature sensor and hydrological monitoring station.The customer showed great interest to our hydrology & water quality sensors and weather stations.

RIKA extended a warm welcome and arranged a considerate reception. Accompanied by the head of each department, the customer reviewed our products, the attendees made elaborated answers to their questions and offer the very professional solution for their hydrology and water quality monitoring station finally. 

Through this meeting with customer and technical exchanges,it can be predicted that in the future,the customer and Rikasensor will join forces and complement each other.The rich professional knowledge as well as the service ability from Rika Sensor,made a very deep impression on our dearest guest.

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