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Features of rain and snow transmitter and precautions for use

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-13
Features of rain and snow transmitter and precautions for use
Whether it is raining or snowing, it is of great significance to people's production and life. Proper rainfall can irrigate crops in time, help afforestation and water storage in reservoirs, reduce dust in the air, lower temperature, replenish groundwater and river water, and facilitate power generation and shipping. Snowfall is conducive to the better growth and development of crops in winter. Because snow has poor thermal conductivity, snow is a material with good heat preservation effect. It can protect plants from frostbite in cold winter and protect crops from frostbite. The nitrogen contained in snow is easily absorbed and utilized by crops. The low temperature of snow water can freeze the pests that live through the winter on the surface of the ground. The melting of snow water in the coming spring can also provide good water supply for vegetation and bring many benefits to agricultural production. Therefore, there is a farming proverb 'Ruixue Zhaofeng Year' widely circulated.

In our production and life, we need to know whether there is rain or snowfall, to understand the weather changes in time, and to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages as soon as possible. However, in some relatively large areas or inconvenient places, it is difficult to manually check whether it is raining or snowing one by one. Therefore, some sensors are used to help us understand the changes in the weather in real time. Among them, the instrument for monitoring whether there is rain or snow is rain and snow transmitter.

The rain and snow transmitter is a qualitative measuring device for measuring whether it rains or snows outdoors or in nature. It is equipped with an imported intelligent microprocessor and advanced detection circuit. When rain or snow falls on the sensing area, it will cause a short circuit of the electrodes. At this time, the device can detect rain or snow and send an alarm message to the manager as soon as possible. It can be widely used in the qualitative measurement of the presence or absence of rain and snow in the environment, greenhouses, breeding, buildings, buildings, etc. It is safe and reliable, beautiful in appearance, and easy to install.

The rain and snow transmitter can work in the environment of -40℃~80℃. In order to prevent the surface of the rain and snow transmitter from freezing and condensing in the low temperature environment, the rain and snow transmitter is designed with an automatic heating function. There is a temperature and humidity sensor inside. When the temperature and humidity sensor detects that the ambient temperature is lower than 15°C, the device will automatically turn on the heating function, and the heating function will be turned off when the device temperature reaches 40°C. At the same time, the user can also reset which temperature to start heating according to the specific situation of the place of use. It should be noted that the temperature should be strictly controlled within 40 ℃ during heating to prevent dry burning from causing over-oxidation and affecting service life.

Features of the rain and snow transmitter

1. Whether the rain or snow is measured, the response time is less than or equal to 0.5S.

2. The unique AC measurement technology prevents oxidation reaction of the induction plate and ensures long-term sensitivity.

3, IP68 protection grade design, can work outdoors for a long time.

4. A variety of transmission modes are available, and 485 mode upload or switch output is provided to facilitate centralized monitoring.

5. Optional automatic heating function can be used for snow detection to prevent freezing and condensation in occasions where the temperature is below 0 degrees for a long time and in high humidity environments.

6. The temperature is strictly controlled within 40℃ (default) during heating to prevent over-oxidation caused by dry burning and prolong the service life.

7. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable, making it more flexible to use.

8. Alarm and reset delay can be set to avoid frequent on-site alarms.

Precautions for the use of rain and snow transmitters

1. In autumn and winter, due to the cold weather, water vapor will condense into fog or frost and fall on the sensing area of u200bu200bthe transmitter. When they melt into water, they will trigger the transmitter's induction, falsely reporting it as snowy weather. In order to avoid such situations, the rain and snow transmitter is used flexibly, and its sensitivity value can be adjusted according to the specific situation. The sensitivity value is inversely proportional to the actual sensitivity. The larger the sensitivity value, the less sensitive the device detection, and the smaller the sensitivity value the more sensitive the device detection. To avoid false alarms, the general sensitivity value is set to 800 by default at the factory.

2, because once the rain and snow transmitter detects rain or snow, it will send an alarm message to the manager as soon as possible. Therefore, during a period of rain or snowfall, warning messages will be sent to the management staff continuously, which is annoying. To solve this trouble, the user can set the alarm and reset delay through the device software. If we set the device's alarm and reset delay value to 10S, then it will output alarm information when the duration of rain and snow is detected exceeds 10S, if the duration of rain and snow is detected is less than 10S, the device It is considered that no rain or snow is detected; at the same time, the same is true when rain and snow return to a normal state.

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