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Rika intelligent garbage station environmental monitoring solutions recommended

Rika intelligent garbage station environmental monitoring solutions recommended


Dump station is the collection and transfer place of urban household garbage. Due to the accumulation and decomposition of garbage, a large amount of malodorous gases will be released, such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, formaldehyde, etc. These gases not only pollute the environment, but also cause harm to human health.

Dump station_Harmful gas monitoring_Gas sensor_Rika sensor

Therefore, effective monitoring and control of malodorous gases in refuse stations is an important measure to safeguard the quality of the urban environment and the quality of life of residents.

Intelligent Dump Station_Gas Sensor_Gas Monitoring System_Rika sensor▲Intelligent Refuse Station

Rika sensor Smart Dump Station Environmental Monitoring Solution

To address the issue of gas monitoring in the landfill, Rika Technology proposes an environmental monitoring solution for the landfill based on the "IOT system for remote monitoring of indoor or outdoor environment". Applicable to: garbage disposal stations, garbage transfer stations, garbage recycling yards, garbage incineration plants, garbage power plants, etc.

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The solution consists of environmental equipment monitoring system, data transmission system and data monitoring system. By installing various sensors such as toxic and hazardous gases in the garbage dump area, the gas concentration and environmental parameters of each link of the garbage station are monitored in real time.

The sensors convert the concentration of toxic and hazardous gases in the environment into a digital signal and send it to the controller, which receives it and displays the measured gas concentration. When the preset value is reached, the controller will issue an alarm signal and transmit the signal to the computer terminal.

Structure of Intelligent Dump Station Environmental Monitoring System

Intelligent Refuse Collection Point Environmental Monitoring System is a high quality and efficient multi-functional environmental monitoring system, which supports remote real-time monitoring of environmental data such as atmospheric temperature and humidity, ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), carbon disulfide, methane (CH4), oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), odor, garbage overflow, and other parameters.

System Product Recommendation

Temperature and Humidity Sensor_Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor_Ammonia Sensor_Garbage Overflow Sensor_TVOC Sensor_Infrared Sensor_Air Quality Sensor

System Features and Advantages

Environmental Monitoring

The system can monitor the environment of the application scene 24 hours a day and upload the data to the cloud.

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Multi-End Query

Staff can query the environment, equipment, alarm and other data at any time on the computer, cell phone, pad and big screen.

Big screen visualization system

Support large screen, LED and other visualization.

System Flexibility

Sensors can be flexibly configured according to the actual situation

Data export

Monitoring data and alarm history can be exported

Rika Free Cloud Platform

Rika cloud platform is based on advanced information collection system, Internet of Things, cloud platform, big data and Internet and other information technologies. Users at all levels can access the platform data through various channels such as WEB on PC and APP client to realize remote system management functions.

Cloud Platform_Intelligent Cloud Platform_Cloud Platform Weather Station_Data Monitoring

Platform Specific Functions

Management of a map

A map of the system can display statistics and visualization of equipment status, type distribution, usage, energy consumption distribution, alarm information, etc., which is convenient for quick management, viewing and positioning.

Real-time data display

Temperature, humidity, pressure, carbon dioxide and other parameters of the real-time data chart display, and its records, analysis, to achieve the chart curve visualization display.

Data analysis

Summarize and classify the data, and draw corresponding data analysis charts according to different application scenarios of the data, including pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, etc., which can be queried, exported and other operations.

Early warning management

The monitoring equipment can set the warning threshold, the value exceeds the threshold triggers the warning, according to the warning threshold, can be multi-level warning, there are SMS, telephone and other forms of warning.

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