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World Water Monitoring Day

World Water Monitoring Day


World Water Monitoring Day | Rika Technology's Water Quality Monitoring Solutions, Helping Water Ecosystems to Stay Clean for a Long Time

Today, October 18, is World Water Monitoring Day. World Water Monitoring Day was co-founded by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and the International Water Association (IWA) in 2003 as a global educational outreach program.

Water Quality Monitoring_Ruilika Sensors_Water Quality Monitoring Solutions

Ruilika Technology for Water Environment Management

In recent years, thanks to the global attention to water testing, but also with the country's increasing attention to water pollution, China's water quality monitoring instruments market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

As China's high-tech enterprises in the field of instrumentation, since its inception, Rika card science and technology has been on the waves of new footsteps to keep up with market demand, backed by dedicated R & D team and scale R & D centers to generate inexhaustible intellectual power, has become a "water quality testing field," the industry pioneer.

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Rika water quality monitoring solutions

Difficulties in water quality monitoring_Precision of data processing_Accuracy of monitoring indicators_Reliability and stability of equipment

Difficulties in water quality monitoring

At present, the field of water quality monitoring is still facing various difficulties, Ruilika has created an all-round, integrated water quality monitoring solution for this purpose. The program uses the Internet of Things, the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies to build into a smart water quality online monitoring system, which can help to improve the accuracy and scientific nature of water quality monitoring.

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Intelligent water quality monitoring system structure composition

Intelligent water quality online monitoring system - pole water quality monitoring station, intelligent control system, video monitoring system, and comprehensive environmental monitoring cloud platform.

The system takes the water quality online monitoring system as the core, and monitors the types of pollutants in the water body, the concentration of various pollutants and the trend of change in real time through the configuration of various water quality sensors.

Environmental Monitoring_Water Quality Monitoring System_Rika Sensor

▲System Organization

The system mainly carries out real-time monitoring of parameters such as PH, ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, nitrite, conductivity (salinity), ORP, COD, suspended solids, and various ions (sodium, potassium, nitrate, chloride, calcium, ammonium and magnesium ions) in the water environment.

And the collected data through the 4G signal wireless transmission to the environmental monitoring cloud platform for analysis, and send control instructions to the network relay remote automatic control linkage equipment, water quality monitoring equipment to achieve intelligent, management visualization, decision-making digital management.

Water Quality Monitoring_COD_ph_Ammonia Nitrogen_Dissolved Oxygen_Residual Chlorine_Rika Sensor

▲Program Support Measurement Parameters

Water Quality Monitoring Sensor Recommendation

Water Quality Sensor_Dissolved Oxygen Sensor_Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor_Water Quality Conductivity Sensor_Water Quality PH Sensor_Turbidity Sensor

Multi-parameter water quality analyzer

Water quality analyzer_Multi-parameter water quality monitoring_Water quality online monitoring_Water quality monitoring system

Rika multi-parameter water quality online analyzer is divided into standard version and customized version, the standard version of the monitoring parameters include turbidity, residual chlorine / chlorine dioxide / ozone, pH, temperature, expansion port can be extended water pressure, water level, flow rate and so on.

Customized version according to customer needs, increase or decrease the monitoring parameters. Customized version to increase the parameters including conductivity / TDS, dissolved oxygen, ORP, etc..

Buoy multi-parameter water quality monitoring system

Water quality monitoring buoy_Buoy Weather Station_Ruilika Sensor

Ruilika intelligent water quality monitoring buoy is a kind of small buoy to monitor the marine environment and water pollution in marine aquaculture area, its automatic monitoring and reporting function can reduce a lot of manpower and material resources for on-site sampling and laboratory analysis after the incident, and can be widely used in the field of marine scientific research.

Water quality buoy specifications parameters_Buoy water quality monitoring system_Rika sensors

Water Quality Monitoring Station

Rika pole-type water quality monitoring station is mainly through the water quality monitoring station will be collected by the water quality (with COD, PH, ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, turbidity, water level, water temperature, conductivity, suspended solids and other parameters of the sensor) data GPRS/4G uploaded to the environmental monitoring cloud platform, with centralized monitoring, remote control, real-time data query, historical data curve view, data abnormal alarm, centralized Large screen display and other functions.

Water Quality Monitoring_Water Quality Monitoring System_Rika Sensor

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Advantages of Ruilika Water Quality Monitoring Solution
Multi-Project Management Function

The system can establish multiple management projects for different pools, equipments and managers, and each management project can be independent of each other or managed by a super administrator, which greatly facilitates the management and control of all pools and subordinate managers and equipments.

Data monitoringThrough the system's real-time monitoring interface, the user can intuitively view the current situation of the equipment, as well as the current value of each parameter, there is no overrun, click on the card to view the data changes over time.

Equipment ControlThe real-time control interface of the system can realize the control of the linked equipment, even if the manager is away from the field, it can be controlled remotely, or set the logic for automatic control.Video Monitoring FunctionIntelligent water quality monitoring system supports the storage of each monitoring data history, operation history and alarm records. Users can lock a certain abnormality according to the time and node grouping to view the data at that time as well as the operation records of the personnel, which is convenient for tracing the cause of the accident.

IP68 rated sensors

The water quality sensors are IP68 rated dustproof and waterproof, and can be put into the water for a long time for continuous monitoring.Sensor maintenance is also simple, and some sensors only require regular replacement of parts.

Ruilika Free Cloud Platform

Rika cloud platform is based on advanced information collection system, Internet of Things, cloud platform, big data and the Internet and other information technology, users at all levels can access the platform data through a variety of channels such as PC WEB, APP client, etc., to realize the remote system management functions.Ruilika Cloud Platform_Ruilika Free Cloud Platform_Ruilika SensorThe environmental monitoring system is capable of statistical and visualization display of: equipment status, type distribution, usage, energy consumption distribution, alarm information, etc., which is convenient for quick management, viewing and positioning.

Real-time data displayPH, salt, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and other parameters of real-time data chart display, and its records, analysis, chart curve visualization display.Data analysisSummarize and classify the data, and draw corresponding data analysis charts according to different application scenarios of the data, including pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, etc., which can be queried, exported and other operations.

Early warning managementThe monitoring equipment can set the warning threshold, when the value exceeds the threshold trigger warning, according to the warning threshold, multi-level warning, SMS, broadcast and other forms of warning.

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