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​RIKA smart environmental protection!

​RIKA smart environmental protection!


RIKA smart environmental protection!



According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection's calculations, environmental protection investment during the 13th Five-Year Plan is expected to increase to about 2 trillion yuan per year, and total social investment in environmental protection during the 13th Five-Year Plan is expected to exceed 17 trillion yuan. Using three methods: environmental protection investment pull factor, industry contribution rate and industry growth rate, the development scale of environmental protection industry in 2020 is predicted to be between 1.5 trillion and 2.2 trillion yuan, corresponding to an annual growth rate range of 12.9%-20.0%.

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After more than 30 years of development, China's environmental protection industry has taken shape. The rapid development of industrialisation and urbanisation rates has also contributed to the increased awareness of environmental protection among Chinese residents and the development of environmental protection industries. China's environmental protection investment is large, the 13th Five-Year Plan period is expected to exceed 17 trillion yuan in environmental protection investment. 2019 intelligent environmental protection industry market size of nearly 58.5 billion yuan, the future market growth space is huge. China's environmental monitoring equipment industry sales revenue fluctuates and grows, with sales revenue in 2019 at around 22.8 billion yuan. The steady development of the environmental monitoring equipment industry, in 2018 China sold a total of 69,800 units of various types of environmental monitoring equipment , smoke and fume equipment and water quality monitoring equipment sales more prominent.


What is intelligent environmental protection


Smart environmental protection is the concept of combining Internet technology with environmental information technology. "Intelligent environmental protection" is the "digital environmental protection" concept of extension and expansion, it is with the Internet of Things technology, sensors and equipment embedded in a variety of environmental monitoring objects (objects), through supercomputers and cloud computing will be integrated into the environmental field of the Internet of Things, can achieve the integration of human society and environmental business systems to achieve wisdom in environmental management and decision-making in a more refined and dynamic way. And the China Internet of Things School Enterprise Alliance believes that the development of IoT technology will lead to the development of smart environmental protection, making environmental protection the most effective it can be.

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Smart environmental protection can consider, analyse and use all aspects of environmental information technology in a comprehensive and integrated way, providing the ability to simulate, analyse and predict environmental management, and dealing with the current environmental protection industry business system construction omissions and deviations. The overall architecture of the intelligent environmental protection industry chain includes: a perception layer, a transmission layer, a wisdom layer and a service layer.

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Perception layer: using any device, system or process that can sense, measure, capture and transmit information anywhere, anytime, to achieve a "more thorough perception" of environmental factors such as environmental quality, pollution sources, ecology and radiation.

Transmission layer: Using environmental protection networks and operator networks, combined with 3G and satellite communication technologies, the environmental information stored in personal electronic devices, organisations and government information systems can be interacted and shared to achieve "more comprehensive interconnection".

Wisdom layer: Using cloud computing, virtualisation and high performance computing to integrate and analyse massive amounts of cross-regional and cross-industry environmental information, realise massive storage, real-time processing, deep mining and model analysis, and achieve "deeper intelligence".

Service layer: Using the cloud service model, we will establish an object-oriented business application system and information service portal to provide "smarter decision-making" for environmental quality, pollution prevention and control, ecological protection, radiation management and other businesses.

Challenges facing environmental protection construction


The scope of environmental monitoring, environmental information sharing and collaborative capabilities in smart environmental protection applications do not yet meet the needs of environmental protection, while applications in environmental quality monitoring, industry, enterprise pollution prevention and control, total emissions reduction and other environmental protection responsibilities have not yet been fully effective, affecting the effectiveness of environmental protection. The awareness and ideas of scientific and technological innovation and technology application need to be further developed, and there is a mismatch between environmental management concepts, methods, institutions and mechanisms, and a lack of integrated planning and organisation.




The current environmental protection management model has started to change from pollution control as the goal to environmental quality improvement as the goal. In this situation, there are still obvious gaps in the existing environmental monitoring model and capabilities. The development of industries related to the Internet of Things for environmental protection is also lagging behind application needs, while public service capabilities and public participation levels are not yet able to meet the growing demand.




RIKA Smart Environmental Protection Solution


RIKA intelligent environmental monitoring system, through the establishment of environmental IOT monitoring network, real-time collection of water environmental quality data, air environmental quality data, soil environmental quality data, pollution source data, geological disaster point data, river sand mining and other environmental information, and intelligent analysis, to achieve scientific decision-making of environmental management.




The integrated solution for intelligent environmental protection mainly completes the comprehensive analysis and utilisation of data collected from automatic pollution source detection projects and displays, and establishes partial models for the subsequent utilisation of other data to achieve centralised management, data sharing and comprehensive analysis of automatic pollution source monitoring data.




Sensors required for intelligent environmental protection


RK500-13 Water Salinity Conductivity Sensor


Online conductivity sensor_Conductivity meter_TDS sensor_Salinity meter_Conductivity transmitter_Conductivity sensor_Water quality conductivity sensor


The RK500-13 liquid conductivity salinity TDS sensor uses advanced anti-polarisation technology, internal signal isolation and a strong anti-interference capability. The measurement is stable, accurate, maintenance-free and easy to install. Mainly used for aquaculture, water testing, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, etc.

news-Rika Sensors-​RIKA smart environmental protection-img-1https://www.rikasensor.com/rk500-13-online-ec-salinity-sensor.html


RK300-02 Outdoor dust sensor


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The RK300-02 dust sensor uses the laser scattering principle to detect the concentration of dust particles present in the air, down to 1.0μm particles, with good consistency and stability of the sensor. Depending on the environment, indoor or outdoor versions are available.




RK300-08 all-in-one gas sensor

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The RK300-08 all-in-one gas sensor uses a high precision data acquisition core, advanced manufacturing processes and surface mount technology to ensure accurate and reliable measurement data. The RK300-08 has a wide range of monitoring parameters and accurate data. Parameters can be matched to requirements for up to 5-6 parameters, including air temperature, air humidity, CO2 concentration, CO concentration, PM1.0/2.5/10.0, atmospheric pressure, formaldehyde, oxygen, ozone, VOCs, air quality, etc.

RK900-01 Weather Station for Environmental Monitoring

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Automatic weather station_ Weather monitoring station_ Weather monitoring system_ Weather monitoring equipment_ Intelligent agricultural weather station_ Photovoltaic power generation weather station_ Greenhouse integrated monitoring station_ Small environmental monitoring station_ Integrated automatic weather station_ Outdoor environmental monitoring station RK900-01 Automatic weather station can be used for atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, light level, rainfall, soil temperature and humidity and other parameters. The station consists of various types of sensors, LCD screens, data collectors, metal cases and stands. It can be used in a wide range of applications in meteorology, hydrology, agriculture, forestry, research and other fields.




With the rapid development of the Internet of Things cloud computing industry, China's vigorous development of environmental protection industry wisdom is an inevitable trend, the future with the development of communication technology, the market will build a highly perceptive intelligent environmental protection environment.

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