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Rika Technology Team Building Activities

Rika Technology Team Building Activities


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With dreams in mind, live up to youth, set out for happiness

Autumn osmanthus is the right time for team building. In order to let employees relax at work, enjoy the body and mind, and further enhance teamwork and cohesion while relieving work pressure, on November 11, 2022, Rika Technology launched The theme team building activity of "Have a dream, live up to your youth, and set off for happiness".



Team building activities begin

Let's set off with a tidy pace!


Rika Technology Team Building Activities

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In the colorful autumn, the dancing leaves and chrysanthemums, the fragrance of osmanthus in the autumn wind, and the forest is full of dyes when you look up. Everyone was laughing and laughing all the way, having fun, living up to the autumn day, stepping forward, accompanied by the warm sun, a joyful and warm team building journey also kicked off!


PART 01 Warm-up activities

Beach Volleyball

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We chose the Qianlong Lake Ecological Scenic Spot in Changsha City, Hunan Province for this event. Next to the lake, stepping on the fine sand, as soon as the activity started, some friends joined the beach volleyball team.

Does it look like a football at first glance? Haha, yes, you read that right, the friends are playing football as a volleyball, but they are still having fun~

archery activity


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Look at our little sister's sharp eyes, even wearing glasses does not affect her performance on the archery battlefield, and even a mask can't cover her heroic and handsome!

Stretch your posture, level your arms, and draw the bow again! Many friends are eager to try. After work, we also devote ourselves to entertainment and relaxation!




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Travel through the jungle, go forward, brake with your left foot, accelerate with your right foot, turn the steering wheel, step on the accelerator to the bottom, and the engine will start when it roars and winds!

The feeling of accelerating and pushing back at the moment of departure, you can experience the thrill of soaring adrenaline every minute! In this way, we wantonly gallop in the wind and dust!


PART 02 Kitchen King Competition

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After the warm-up activities are over, it is time to really show everyone's talents. We specially prepared the Chef King Competition for everyone.

From washing vegetables, cooking materials, preparing vegetables, cooking spoons, etc., everyone was divided into five groups to compete. In the tense and happy atmosphere, following the warm winter sunshine, everyone’s faces were filled with warm smiles~


Rika Celebrity Chef Awards

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Even in the outdoors, the boys are not inferior to the sisters when they prepare the dishes. With the knife in hand, the meat ingredients are ready in a short time.

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The sisters are not to be outdone, relying on the skilled hands they have honed in the kitchen for many years, they prepare dishes quickly and steadily like a chef.

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Finally, after everyone's concerted efforts to prepare, each group has prepared a large table full of attractive dishes! We also took some group photos, now let's take a look at everyone's group photos!

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Appreciate the delicious food made by everyone!


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