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Environmental ecological health!

Environmental ecological health!


The river water quality monitoring system helps the ecological health of the river environment!

November 17, 2022

The market prospect of my country's water quality monitoring industry is good, with huge market potential and development space. In addition to policy promotion, the application of related technologies also provides assistance to the water quality monitoring industry. With the accelerated integration of new-generation digital information technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and intelligent applications with manufacturing, the development of grids and intelligence has also injected new impetus into the water quality monitoring industry.

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The development history of China's water quality monitoring industry is mainly divided into four stages. The first stage is the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, which mainly focuses on the construction of monitoring networks; the second stage is the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, and the focus of monitoring is on pollution source monitoring; the third stage is the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period. Establish a national unified and comprehensive coverage real-time online environmental monitoring and monitoring system. The focus of water quality monitoring is on quality monitoring; the fourth stage is the "14th Five-Year Period". With the improvement of my country's environmental conditions, water quality monitoring has gradually shifted to water ecological monitoring. At the same time, the "14th Five-Year Period" will further optimize the water quality monitoring network. For example, the number of nationally controlled sections will be increased from 2,050 to about 4,000.

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What is water quality monitoring?

Water quality monitoring is the regular or irregular monitoring and measurement of the quality of water sources, mainly for microorganisms, suspended solids, chemical substances and ecosystems in water sources. The work content of water quality monitoring mainly includes detecting and recording the content of various substances in water, and judging whether the substance index exceeds the standard according to the type, quantity, and harmfulness of different substances.

Water quality monitoring projects can be divided into two categories: one is comprehensive indicators reflecting water quality conditions, such as temperature, chromaticity, turbidity, pH value, conductivity, suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand etc.; Another type of water quality monitoring is some toxic substances, such as phenol, cyanide, arsenic, lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and organic pesticides. In order to objectively evaluate the water quality of rivers and oceans, in addition to the above-mentioned water quality monitoring items, sometimes water quality monitoring requires the measurement of flow velocity and flow.

Among water quality monitoring equipment, IoT sensor manufacturers have a first-mover advantage and greater flexibility. Water quality monitoring is one of the most important development directions for sensor companies in the future in water quality monitoring and even in the entire environmental monitoring. There are already many water quality monitoring manufacturers in China that not only provide sensor chips and modules.

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River water quality monitoring system

The river water quality monitoring system is a collection system that integrates data collection, storage, transmission and management. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, tourism, urban environmental monitoring and other fields.

The river water quality monitoring system is composed of six parts: water quality sensor, data acquisition instrument, communication system, power supply system, overall support, and water quality monitoring platform. It can monitor water temperature, PH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, ammonia nitrogen, turbidity, COD, and many other water quality elements at the same time; the data acquisition instrument has data acquisition, real-time clock, data timing storage, parameter setting, friendly man-machine interface and standard communication function.

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Products provided by Ruiyika Technology

RK500-02 Water Quality PH Sensor

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The water quality PH sensor is a water quality inspection device that can convert the data signal of the measured object into an electronic signal according to a certain regularity, for export, storage, recording and other requirements. Since the aquaculture water body is composed of zooplankton, bacteria, organic substances, organic substances, and aquaculture objects, life activities are carried out all the time, and the water quality indicators are also changing.

Under normal circumstances, the pH value of farmed tap water gradually increases with the strengthening of plant photosynthesis at sunrise, reaching the highest value at 16:30-17:30 in the evening; after the sun sets, the photosynthesis of plants becomes weaker, and there is Oxygen respiration is strengthened, and pH gradually decreases until it reaches a minimum value before sunrise the next day, and this cycle repeats itself. The normal daily variation range of pH value is 0.3-0.5. If it exceeds this range, there is abnormality in the water body. Therefore, it is very necessary to apply water quality pH sensors in aquatic product farming.


RK500-04 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

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RK500-04 dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor is designed based on the principle of fluorescence, equipped with a high-performance oxygen-permeable membrane, which has the characteristics of short response time, accurate measurement, and stable performance. It can be widely used in chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, environmental protection water treatment projects, pharmaceuticals, and biochemistry. , food, aquaculture and water and other occasions that require continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen in the solution.


RK500-13 Liquid Conductivity Salt TDS Sensor

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RK500-13 liquid conductivity salinity TDS sensor adopts advanced anti-polarization technology, internal signal isolation technology and strong anti-interference ability. The measurement is stable, accurate, maintenance-free and easy to install. Mainly used in aquaculture, water source detection, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, etc.

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