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The relationship between sensors and the Internet of Things!

The relationship between sensors and the Internet of Things!


Sensors are like human eyes, ears, mouth and nose, but they are not just as simple as human senses, they can even collect more useful information. In this case, it can be said that these sensors are the basis of the entire Internet of Things system. It is precisely because of the sensors that the Internet of Things system has content to be transmitted to the "brain".

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In the past, sensors were more used in industry. But over time, it has slowly entered our lives.

The role of sensors in the IoT industry

The Internet of Things is widely used in the integration of networks through communication perception technologies such as intelligent perception, recognition technology and pervasive computing. The Internet of Things is understood as the "Internet of Things Connected". This has two meanings: First, the core and foundation of the Internet of Things is still the Internet, which is an extension and expansion network based on the Internet; Second, its user end extends and extends to any item and item for information Exchange and communication, that is, the interaction between things. The Internet of Things connects all objects to the Internet through angle sensing, radio frequency identification, infrared sensors and other information sensing equipment to realize intelligent identification and management. It is another revolution in the information industry after computers, the Internet and mobile communication networks. Among them, sensor technology is one of the key technologies of the Internet of Things.

Of course, factory automation and overall efficiency have received great attention, not only because productivity increases) can bring positive benefits, but also importantly, it can reduce or eliminate serious losses caused by equipment shutdowns. Now, instead of relying on advances in analysis technology to gain insight into available statistical data to predict maintenance needs, or simply relying on strengthening the training of technicians, we can achieve true real-time analysis and control through advances in detection and wireless transmission technologies.

IoT hierarchy

The Internet of Things Hierarchical Structure The Internet of Things can be divided into three layers: network layer, application layer, and perception layer. The network layer is composed of various private networks, the Internet, wired and wireless communication networks, network management systems, and cloud computing platforms. It is equivalent to the human nerve center and brain, and is responsible for transmitting and processing information obtained by the perception layer. The application layer is the interface between the Internet of Things and users (including people, organizations, and other systems). It combines with industry needs to realize intelligent applications of the Internet of Things. The sensing layer is composed of various sensors and sensor gateways, including carbon dioxide concentration sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, two-dimensional code tags, RFID tags and readers, cameras, GPS and other sensing terminals. The function of the perception layer is equivalent to the nerve endings of human eyes, ears, nose, throat and skin. It is the source of the Internet of Things to identify objects and collect information. Its main function is to identify objects and collect information.

Sensilla is playing an increasingly important role in the fields of science and technology, industrial and agricultural production and daily life. As the key to the Internet of Things, sensors have become an advantageous link in the entire industry chain and also represent the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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