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Winter is coming, are you ready for rain and snow sensors?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-20
Winter is coming, are you ready for rain and snow sensors?
Precipitation is a phenomenon in which water vapor in the atmosphere condenses and falls to the ground as liquid or solid water.

Rain and snow are both a phenomenon of natural precipitation. They are produced by atmospheric cycle disturbances. They are an indispensable part of the earth's water cycle. They are also the only way to replenish fresh water for terrestrial organisms far away from rivers and lakes. Precipitation is the source of surface runoff and the main source of groundwater replenishment. The uneven distribution of precipitation in space and the instability of temporal changes are the direct causes of floods, waterlogging, and droughts.

There are two types of sensors related to rain and snow. They are rain gauges for measuring rainfall and rain and snow sensors for monitoring whether it is raining or snowing. When I browsed related information, I found that there are already many articles about rain gauges. However, the rain and snow sensor is rarely mentioned, so this article introduces the rain and snow sensor.

Rain and snow sensor

The rain and snow sensor is one of the components of the weather monitoring system. This device is a device specially used to measure whether it rains or snows outdoors or in nature. Rain and snow sensors are widely used in the fields of meteorology, agriculture, industry, ocean, environment, airports, ports, and transportation to qualitatively measure the presence or absence of rain and snow.

The working principle of the rain and snow sensor

to monitor rainfall: the rain and snow sensor adopts a grid-shaped electrode above the rain and snow sensor, using the conductivity of water, when rain falls on the sensing area, it will cause the electrode to short circuit, so the equipment Rain can be detected.

Monitoring snowfall: The reason why the rain and snow sensor can measure snowfall is that the sensor has an automatic heating function, which can prevent freezing and condensation when it snows, the temperature is below 0℃ for a long time, and the high humidity environment. And the heating temperature can be set.

The practical application of rain and snow sensors (rain)

The rain and snow sensors can be used in greenhouses. In times of frequent heavy rains, after the rain and snow sensor detects the rain information, it links the rain shelter of the greenhouse through the corresponding system, and sends signals to the greenhouse managers at the same time, which can effectively reduce the loss of greenhouse crops.

In addition, when the farm management personnel are not paying attention to the weather, when the system detects abnormal data, it will send reminders to the growers within the set time period, even if they cannot arrive in the greenhouse in time. On-site, greenhouse managers can also take measures remotely to reduce losses. In the absence of no one, the rain and snow sensor can still automatically manage the greenhouse through parameter setting and linkage related systems, so that the vegetables in the greenhouse are always in a suitable growth environment.

The practical application of the rain and snow sensor (snow)

The rain and snow transmitter can be used on highways or railway tracks. In northern China, highways or railways in winter often encounter severe weather caused by wind and snow. We all know that when the weather is bad, the highway will be closed. Think about it if it is embarrassing if the car is blocked on the highway due to unclear weather conditions during a heavy snowfall.

The rain and snow sensor is a qualitative measurement device for measuring outdoor snowfall. The rain and snow sensor has an automatic heating function. When it is snowing, the temperature is lower than 0℃ for a long time, and the high humidity environment, the rain and snow sensor grid will automatically heat, which can prevent data deviation caused by icing and dew. After the rain and snow sensor detects the snowfall, it can upload the data to the cloud platform through the corresponding highway weather station or railway weather station, and cooperate with other sensors to make accurate judgments of the snowfall, and remind you that it is still on the high speed or already on the high speed The driver's master prepared early.

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