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Come and use the Rika Smart Home Environmental Monitoring System!

Come and use the Rika Smart Home Environmental Monitoring System!


Come and use the Rika Smart Home Environmental Monitoring System!



As living standards improve and lifestyles change, modern people spend 80-90% of their time indoors. The airborne spread of the new crown epidemic has also made people pay more and more attention to the health of indoor air. And during this round of the New Crown epidemic in Shanghai, the widespread closure of the epidemic, the long period of isolation and prevention and control, the time people spend indoors has increased steeply, and people's need for high quality indoor air quality is more urgent than ever.


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On June 2, the Shanghai Indoor Environment Purification Industry Association released the "White Paper on Indoor Environmental Air Pollution in China".


In 2021, the association conducted an 8-month indoor ambient air quality study, with 1,000 household air quality tests in representative cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Changchun, Jinan and Zhengzhou. The household testing houses were all renovated within 2 years, and since the release rate of pollutants is related to temperature, the data of the five cities were classified by different temperatures in the four seasons to analyze their exceedances.



From the analysis of the test results, it can be seen that.


(1) formaldehyde and total volatile organic compounds pollution exceed the standard in the indoor air environment of residents in general, and benzene pollution exceeds the standard in some rooms.


(2) The release rate of formaldehyde and other pollutants is related to the temperature, in which the formaldehyde exceeds the standard rate of 83% and 77% in spring and summer, and the total volatile organic compounds exceeds the standard rate of 42% in summer and 33% in spring.


(3) In the winter formaldehyde exceeded the standard rate is 18%, but even if not exceeded the standard room, the average formaldehyde concentration reached 0.065mg / m its average concentration of pollutants is also very close to the national standard limit.


So urban users of smart home environment monitoring is the demand is also getting stronger.




What is a smart home environment monitoring system?


At present, the smart home environment monitoring system mainly includes indoor temperature and humidity detection, indoor air quality detection, outdoor climate detection, and outdoor noise detection, a complete home environment monitoring system mainly includes: environmental information collection, environmental information analysis, and control and actuators three parts, its system components include, temperature and humidity sensors, air quality sensors, light ambient light detectors, outdoor wind speed detector, and wireless noise sensor.

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Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of intelligent environmental monitoring and new energy solutions, environmental monitoring includes wind, solar radiation and light, atmospheric environment and gas, rain, snow and hail, soil moisture and soil quality, water quality and water quality, liquid level and flow rate and other sensing measurement, data monitoring and overall solutions; new energy field with photovoltaic energy storage as the core, to provide home and The new energy field is based on PV energy storage as the core, providing home and factory storage, generation and change integrated solutions.


For example, through the integrated temperature and humidity sensor, indoor temperature and humidity can be collected to provide control basis for air conditioning and floor heating equipment.


Through the solar radiation sensor, outdoor wind speed detector, rainfall sensor to collect outdoor climate information, to provide the basis for the control of electric curtains.


Collecting noise information through wireless noise sensor to provide basis for control of electric window opener or background music.


Collect indoor air pollution information through air quality sensor, wireless pm2.5 detector to provide basis for purifier, electric window opener, automatic air change or decontamination.




What do we provide?


Rika intelligent home environment monitoring system through the environment within the carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, TVOC, temperature, humidity, CO, PM2.5 and other environmental parameters for data collection, through the intelligent gateway to upload data to the cloud platform, to achieve real-time monitoring of each device data on site, users can view in real time through the web or mobile applications, real-time monitoring and management access to the status and operation of the device, but also It can also be operated remotely to achieve precise sensing, accurate operation and fine management, providing a stable, reliable and low-cost maintenance environment monitoring and management platform.


RK300-02 Indoor Dust Sensor

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RK300-02 dust sensor adopts laser scattering principle to detect the concentration of dust particles present in the air, with a minimum of 1.0μm particles, and the sensor has good consistency and stability. Depending on the use environment, indoor models or outdoor models are available.




RK400-01 Tumbler type rain sensor


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The RK400-01 tipping bucket rain sensor is an instrument for testing the amount of rainfall in nature. The sensor converts rainfall into pulse number output, which can meet the user's needs for information transmission, processing, recording and display. It can be widely used in meteorological stations, hydrological stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense and field monitoring stations. It can provide raw data for flood control of plants, water supply systems and reservoir water management.

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