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Don't know about the smart building monitoring system, Rika will show you

Don't know about the smart building monitoring system, Rika will show you


Don't know about the smart building monitoring system, Rika will show you

Smart Buildings - Unstoppable

In the context of the continuous development of my country's real estate industry, the pace of building intelligence is accelerating year by year.

Among the existing buildings, about 3% of the residential buildings (with an average transformation period of 30 years) and 6% of the industrial and public buildings (with an average transformation period of 15 years) will undergo intelligent transformation every year. Among them, the renovation market accounted for 47.3%, and the newly built market accounted for 52.7%.

At present, the proportion of intelligent buildings in new buildings has reached about 40%, and by 2023, the proportion of intelligent buildings in new buildings will be about 55%.

Secondly, with the advancement of urbanization, speeding up the renovation of old and dilapidated houses has become a new direction of the government's work.

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Specifically, there are two development directions of building intelligence, one is control intelligence, and the other is service intelligence.

Smart control:

Simply put, all the facilities and systems in the same building have become an organic whole, saying goodbye to the "single action" in the past, and becoming more united and efficient. For example, the system automatically recognizes unmanned areas in buildings and turns off lighting, air conditioners, etc.

Service intelligence:

It means the intelligence of technology or equipment. For example, when taking the elevator, make an appointment for the elevator in advance, and select the floor to reach it, so as to avoid the trouble of queuing; when the company has a visit, one-click identification completes the visit registration; when driving into the parking lot, the identification facility automatically scans the license plate information and guides the vehicle to the empty place. In the parking space, reduce the time to find a parking space; reserve a seat in advance before the meeting to avoid the embarrassment of not finding a seat.

It can be said that the building in the future is like a terminal of a system, through which various facilities, sensors, equipment and hardware and software are linked, thereby enhancing the "combat effectiveness", and at the same time reducing costs and increasing greenness.


What is a smart building monitoring system

The intelligent building monitoring system uses the computer control technology through the intelligent system of the building to manage the daily activity data of the building with various equipment, sensors and actuators, so as to analyze and process it and improve the operation efficiency. Use IoT technology to connect different systems: such as fire protection system, security system, air conditioning monitoring, elevator system, energy consumption monitoring, lighting system, conference system, etc., so that managers can access, control and monitor various systems in the building, and solve the building operation. Pain points in management, effectively ensure a comfortable working environment in the building, save energy and reduce operating costs.

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There are many subsystems involved in the construction of smart buildings. The system is highly integrated, covers a wide range of applications, and spans multiple fields and multiple formats. Although it is difficult to achieve, the industry has obvious characteristics and more and more detailed needs, which drives the development of the industry chain. Therefore, it has been More and more security companies are gradually joining the intelligent construction of buildings, trying to occupy market share.

Smart buildings are closely related to people's lives. The upgrading of building intelligence will greatly improve people's intelligent life. In other words, the development of smart buildings will be an inevitable trend and also caused by people's needs.


What does Rika offer?


Relying on big data and the Internet of Things, the solution of the Smart Building Monitoring System of Raycal Technology aims to help build an intelligent, energy-saving and efficient building system, with access control management system, elevator monitoring system, intelligent fire monitoring system, Intelligent parking system, video intelligent monitoring system, energy monitoring system, lighting control system and other components help enterprises to achieve safety, energy saving, environmental protection - an intelligent building monitoring.



RK300-06 Noise Sensor

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RK300-06 noise sensor is a digital, modular multi-function sound level meter. Using digital signal processing chip and digital detection technology, it has the characteristics of high reliability, good stability, wide frequency band, and no need to switch ranges. It can be widely used in industrial noise measurement of various machines, vehicles, ships, electrical appliances, etc., and can also be used in environmental Noise measurement, labor protection, industrial hygiene and other industries.


RK300-02 Indoor Dust Sensor

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The RK300-02 dust sensor adopts the principle of laser scattering to detect the concentration of dust particles in the air. The smallest particle can be detected 1.0μm, and the sensor has good consistency and stability. Depending on the use environment, you can choose indoor or outdoor models.



The construction of smart buildings can facilitate the management and deployment of personnel, save manpower and material resources, and make our lives more convenient. After all, a smart building is a new way of life that uses the Internet to integrate everything through the analysis function of big data.

Smart cities have become the inevitable trend and the only way for future urban development. As the basic unit of a smart city, smart buildings have also become an important part of smart city construction, which is of great significance in promoting the organic renewal of cities, meeting people's needs for a better life, and promoting high-quality urban economic development.

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