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Automatic rainfall monitoring system is coming

Automatic rainfall monitoring system is coming


Automatic rainfall monitoring system do not come to know?



China's vast territory, wide latitudinal span, large differences in distance from the sea, coupled with the high terrain in the west and low terrain in the east, resulting in China has a complex and diverse climate, significant monsoon climate, strong continental climate, and therefore also affect the national conditions of China. The complex and diverse climate makes most of the world's crops and plants and animals can find suitable places to grow in China, making China's crops and plant and animal resources are very rich.

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Automatic rain and snow monitoring system mainly uses rain sensor and rain and snow sensor to monitor rain and snow. Rain sensor is a hydrological, meteorological instruments to measure the amount of rainfall in nature, the sensor will be converted to rainfall to switch the form of information output, to meet the information transmission, processing, recording and display needs.


Very heavy rainfall is a kind of catastrophic weather, often causing flooding and serious soil erosion, resulting in major economic losses such as engineering failures, embankment breaches and crop flooding. Especially for some low-lying and topographically occluded areas, rainwater cannot be quickly declared to cause waterlogging of farmland and over-saturation of soil moisture, which can cause more geological disasters.


Meteorological services play an important role in weather disaster monitoring and warning. The China Meteorological Administration held a special video conference, requiring solid weather monitoring forecast and early warning services, strengthening real-time monitoring and analysis and short-term proximity forecasting and warning for local sudden catastrophic weather, and promoting the transformation and application of research-based business results.


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With the rapid development of a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence accelerated application in all walks of life, the field of meteorology also continue to try to introduce new technologies new applications, through artificial intelligence technology to enhance the accuracy of weather forecasting and early warning. The high degree of integration of weather forecasting and artificial intelligence makes the results of meteorological science and technology not only applied to weather and climate business, but also can be applied to economic construction, national security and sustainable development and many other aspects. Enhancing the accuracy of weather forecasting and improving the level of weather service guarantee will help provide reference for decision making for major government activities around the world and effectively protect and improve people's livelihood.


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With the opening and development of commercial weather, more and more technology companies have been involved in smart weather, aiming to empower weather development through artificial intelligence. Based on the leading artificial intelligence technology, Eye Control Technology has overcome many technical problems in the field of meteorology, and creatively proposed a super-resolution downscaling numerical model based on artificial intelligence technology to achieve higher forecast accuracy while using less arithmetic resources, and the research results have been highly recognized by the Central Weather Bureau and many experts and scholars in the industry.


Rainfall Monitoring System 


Rainfall monitoring system is an automatic observation instrument used to collect rainfall information on the ground. It can accurately record the precipitation per minute and deliver the data to the recorder in a timely and accurate manner to realize real-time monitoring of the rainfall.


The establishment of automatic rainfall monitoring station can effectively prevent and control the frequency of natural disasters, especially to reduce the damage caused by natural disasters to people's lives and properties.


The rainfall sensor is a hydrological and meteorological instrument for measuring the natural rainfall. The sensor converts the rainfall into an information output expressed in the form of switch quantity to meet the needs of information transmission, processing, recording and display.


The rainfall monitoring station can monitor the rainfall condition online 24 hours a day, which is the necessary means to grasp the state of the flood area, early warning of safety accidents and auxiliary flood control and anti-flood. Automatic rainfall meteorological monitoring system can measure the flow rate, water level, flow and rainfall of rivers, lakes, tides, reservoir gates, groundwater pipeline network, etc.


Automatic rainfall monitoring station is an unmanned automatic rainfall recording instrument, it can be used as an unattended movable self-recording station, and can also be matched with the system supporting wired communication module or wireless communication module to form a rainfall station network system. It is widely used in various fields such as hydrology, water conservancy, meteorology, agriculture, transportation, disaster warning and military industry.

Rikasensor intelligent rainfall monitoring system introduction


Rika independent research and development of water level rainfall real-time online monitoring system, can simultaneously achieve the goal of meteorology and water level, video monitoring at the same time, real-time monitoring of water level height, wind speed, wind direction and so on. When the water level is about to diffuse through the dangerous position, or wind speed is too large, automatically to the management of remote warning, to achieve the effect of early and timely warning. For water conservancy, agriculture, urban construction, transportation and other departments for disaster prevention, disaster mitigation strategy development has an important role, for the study of storm characteristics is of great significance.


Main products


RK400-01 Tumble bucket type rainfall sensor


The RK400-01 tipping bucket rain sensor is an instrument for testing the amount of rainfall in nature. The sensor converts rainfall into pulse number output, which can meet the user's needs for information transmission, processing, recording and display. It can be widely used in meteorological stations, hydrological stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense and field monitoring stations. It can provide raw data for flood control of factories, water supply systems and reservoir water management.


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RK400-04 Economic tipping bucket rain sensor


RK400-04 economic tipping bucket rain sensor is a hydrological and meteorological instrument for measuring rainfall and converting rainfall into pulse signal output. It is designed with insect-proof net to prevent clogging of the nozzle and built-in horizontal bubble. The sensor can be used in meteorology, hydrology, agriculture, forestry, field monitoring stations and other industries. Together with the data logger, it can measure rainfall, rainfall intensity and rainfall duration.


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RK400-03 Automatic Rainfall Station


RK400-03 automatic rainfall station is used to measure and record rainfall information. The display screen can show real-time rainfall value, time and date. The large memory chip automatically stores at least one year of weather data, which can be further processed and analyzed by the data logger. The rainfall station can be equipped with RK400-01 or RK400-04 rainfall sensors for rainfall monitoring.


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RK400-10 Evaporation Sensor


RK400-10 evaporation sensor adopts high-precision weighing principle to measure the weight of liquid in the evaporation dish, and calculates the level of evaporation loss by the difference of liquid weight before and after measurement. The evaporation dish is made of high quality stainless steel, which has good anti-corrosion and anti-erosion characteristics to ensure the measurement accuracy, and can be used with automatic weather stations or professional evaporation recorders. The products are suitable for meteorology, plant and seed cultivation, soil improvement in agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, soil moisture regulation, irrigation quota development and research on moisture resources and other related industries.


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RK400-02 Rain and Snow Sensor


RK400-02 rain and snow sensor is a highly sensitive sensor that enables status detection of rain and snow. The surface has an annular conductor sensing plate. The product is available with an optional automatic snow and ice melting function (automatic heating). When it rains or snows, the sensor outputs a switch signal.


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RK900-12 Ultrasonic Meteorological Instrument


RK900-12 miniature automatic weather station is our self-developed civil comprehensive weather station which can measure many kinds of weather parameters. The RK900-12 uses a low power consumption chip with a power consumption of only 1.7W, which is especially suitable for solar or battery-powered environments with high power consumption requirements. The structure is more compact due to the adoption of new technologies and techniques. Solar radiation and solar illumination detection modules are also available, which are ideal for supporting agricultural weather systems.


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In the future, Rika Technology will continue to plow the meteorological field, actively promote technology research and development and innovative applications, focus on improving the level of meteorological forecasting refinement, and promote the deep integration of intelligent meteorology and various industries. With the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, the future city will also develop in the direction of wisdom, eye control technology in the field of smart meteorology will explore the construction of smart cities to provide a full range of meteorological services to ensure the construction of smart cities and promote the development of high-quality smart cities.

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