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What are the weather instruments & meteorological station?

What are the weather instruments & meteorological station?


The outdoor meteorological station is a monitoring instrument used to monitor real-time environmental changes and make corresponding warnings. Usually used in the meteorological industry. With the rise of various industries, automatic weather station technology has become more and more advanced and its applications have become more and more extensive.


The weather station is usually composed of weather sensors, microcomputer weather data acquisition instruments, power supply systems (optional solar power supply), light shutters, field protective boxes, and stainless steel brackets. The meteorological sensors include wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors, rain and snow sensors, solar radiation sensors, tipping bucket rain gaugesmulti-element shutters, and other sensors. So what are the weather instruments? You may know they are tools for measuring weather, but not sure the types of weather station instruments, this article will share the professional information with you. 


There are various types of weather station sensors, according to the different needs of different users, the weather instruments are divided into three types: stationary weather station (divided into pole installation and tripod installation), portable weather station, and rainfall monitoring station (divided into pole installation and tripod installation). Weather stations and rainfall monitoring stations can be equipped with large LED screens to display measurement data in real-time.

 Hydrological Monitoring

1. Stationary meteorological station

Stationary weather stations can monitor up to wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil EC, soil PH, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, light, rain and snow status, ultraviolet light, total radiation, carbon monoxide, ozone Nearly 30 elements such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions, ammonia, TVOC, rainfall, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, etc. The monitoring elements can also be selected according to needs. The wind speed and direction sensor can choose a split wind speed and direction sensor, or an ultrasonic integrated wind speed and direction sensor.


2. Portable weather station

The portable weather station is a portable observation system that is easy to carry, is installed on a tripod, is easy to use, has high measurement accuracy, and integrates multiple meteorological elements. The meteorological station system can collect multiple information such as temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, air pressure, illuminance, etc., and upload local monitoring software or cloud platform.


There are two types of portable weather stations. One is a C-type integrated weather station that can monitor up to nine types of wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, PM2.5, PM10, and negative oxygen ions. Elements; the other uses an ultrasonic integrated weather station, which can monitor up to ten elements such as wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, light, PM2.5, PM10, and negative oxygen ions. The monitoring elements can be selected according to needs.


3. Ultrasonic weather station
Rk900 ultrasonic weather station instrument based on our ultrasonic technology is the all-in-one weather sensor that monitors wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, and humidity, solar radiation, noise, carbon dioxide, PM2.5, PM10, Illuminance or UV (optional), rainfall, etc. With the optional internal compass and Global Positioning System. Similarly, monitoring elements can also be selected according to needs. 
The Air temperature, humidity, and pressure measurements are measured by a standard industrial MEMS sensor positioned in a radiation protection shield. It is characterized by high accuracy and fast response time.

Measurement of wind speed and direction is working based on the principle of ultrasonic travel time difference. Precipitation is detected by 24G radar, which can rapidly detect precipitation and its intensity. GPS global positioning module and electronic compass are optional to be installed in the reserved room, with these two modules, you can obtain longitude and velocity accurately, thereby, true and apparent wind speed & direction can be calculated out.


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Rika Sensors is an automatic weather station instruments manufacturer that provides all kinds of professional weather station sensors. Click products to check further information. 

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